Ohana in Action – Everyday at Office Evolution

                Here at Office Evolution Salt Lake City, one word that frequently comes up in our daily conversations is “Ohana.”  If that’s a new one to you, I’ve got you covered – Ohana is a word with origins in Hawaii and it means “extended family.”  (For those who are fans of etymology, the root word ʻohā refers to root of the kalo plant, considered a Hawaiian staple and “staff of life.”)  Fitting that Ohana is one of our five core values – I can’t think of a better word to describe what it’s like working with everyone associated with Office Evolution, both members and colleagues alike. 

                When we say family, a lot of things come to mind.  Support, togetherness, loyalty, camaraderie, integrity, teamwork, values, traditions, and the little brother who hits you up for twenty bucks every time you see him.  Family is united.  Family takes care of each other and sticks together.  Family is the foundation from which we all grow.  And it’s great to see it in action!

                A couple of weeks ago, one of our Office Members in Salt Lake City turned in a cell phone he had found in the restroom.  Turned out, it had been left there accidently by another member of the Office Evolution Ohana.  When I reunited a very grateful Member with his wayward phone, I made sure he knew one of his fellow Members had been the one to turn it in.  That’s Ohana.  No more than a week later another member loaned his heater to a guest from out of town.  The guest, a frequent visitor from Houston who is not entirely accustomed to the chilly Utah winters, wanted to pay for the unit but his offer was politely declined.  After hearing the story, I thanked the member for his generosity to which he replied that knowing he had helped someone else out was more than enough compensation.

                Sound like something family would do?

                There are plenty more examples of Ohana in action every day – just visit the closest Office Evolution Business Center and you’ll see what I mean.  No doubt you’ll find professional, like-minded people networking, brainstorming ideas, having a friendly conversation, and generally doing what members of the Ohana do for each other every day.  If you’re like a lot of small business entrepreneurs who have a vision and are just starting out, it’s probably a one-person operation.  With Office Evolution, that doesn’t mean you have to do it all alone…our Ohana will be there whenever you need us!