Power Couple of OE Flowood, MS

Meet Two Entrepreneurs Serving Other Entrepreneurs—

Office Evolution’s Business Center Managers & Power Couple

Angela and Cliff Osbon

Get some insight into success! In their series called, “Thriving Power Couples,” Authority Magazine interviews Office Evolution’s own serial entrepreneurs, Angela and Cliff Osbon, co-owners of their OE franchise in Flowood, Mississippi. In the article, they share their personal experiences and philosophy on what motivates them to move forward…

meet Angela—

She was a paralegal with over 2 decades of experience in legal settings.

meet Cliff—

He was a pharmacist with 15 years’ experience running his own specialty pharmacy before a switch to healthcare consulting.

The two together—

They are lovers of live music, reading, rescue pets, family time, travel, and are dedicated to the art of helping! And, they own and operate the Office Evolution in Flowood!

Angela and Cliff became part of Office Evolution’s ‘Ohana’ family in early 2020. With their diverse backgrounds, they help the dreamers, risk-takers and doers of the Jackson area overcome the challenge of running their businesses effectively during the pandemic—

“We learned to be innovative and think about creative win-win ways to support our members…Our business center stayed open during the pandemic to ensure we were providing the support our members needed while following safety protocols.”

The Osbons serve their sense of ‘Ohana,’ or family, directly to their members and their community. Bringing goodness to the world is important to them—

“We have a real soft spot for the vulnerable. Some faith traditions talk about the need to help “widows and orphans”, meaning those who cannot help themselves. We currently support organizations that seek to provide food, shelter, medication and education for children…”

Office Evolution is proud to call Angela and Cliff Osbon family—

“We are entrepreneurs serving other entrepreneurs. We are not successful unless our members are successful. It is in our DNA to support our members as they move forward during this pandemic.”

“We hit the ground running every day, with this mission in mind.”

That’s Office Evolution. Join Us.

Read about the Osbons’ interview in Authority Magazine.


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