Rent an Office in Dunwoody on Your Terms

As the owner of a single-person business in Dunwoody, you might be unsure whether or not to rent an office for your business.

On the one hand, working from home or out of coffee shops could be limiting the potential of your business. On the other hand, most offices require a long-term lease. That’s a big stumbling block for many small business owners.

There’s also the matter of downtime. If you rent an empty office, you’ll be operating at fractional capacity in the time it takes to get your workspace up and running. That means taking a step backward at a moment when you need to move forward.

Thankfully, there’s another, a better way to rent an office in Dunwoody. At Office Evolution┬« Dunwoody GA, we offer furnished office space on flexible rental agreements, giving you the resources and flexibility, you need to rent a workspace on your terms.

Rent an Office in Dunwoody on a Flexible Agreement

When you rent an office it’s important that you find a space that fits your needs, your budget, and the trajectory of your business in Dunwoody. In the past, a multi-year lease on a no-frills office rental made sense for many small business owners. These days, that’s no longer the case. Bootstrap culture, evolving technologies, and modern business practices are changing the way small businesses approach office rentals, with many small business owners shifting to flexible office rentals.

Over the past couple of years, flexible office rentals have more than doubled across the U.S. What’s more, that trajectory is expected to continue for the next several years. Instead of renting a basic workspace on a long-term lease, professionals and entrepreneurs are switching to managed office space on flexible agreements.

Office Evolution Dunwoody is a perfect example of this model. When you rent an office at our business center, the benefits include:

  • Long-Term Flexibility. You can opt for a month-to-month lease. This way, you have the flexibility you need to adjust your operations or make on-the-fly changes, without the anchor of a fixed-term, multi-year agreement.
  • Fixed Cost Reduction. The cost commitment of a long-term lease is a big barrier for small-budget businesses and independent professionals. A month-to-month lease eliminates this concern, as your fixed costs only extend to the next month.
  • Ready-for-Use Office. A traditional office rental takes a good amount of time and a good amount of money to furnish. If you rent an office at Office Evolution Dunwoody, you’ll be renting a ready-for-use workspace. Every workspace is attractively furnished with ergonomic furniture and takes only minutes to set up.
  • Work-Friendly Space. At Office Evolution Dunwoody, each rental comes with a ton of work-friendly features and amenities. We provide a professional mailing address and secure mailbox, front desk guest reception and parcel reception, access to our shared workspace, discounts on meeting room rentals, unlimited coffee and tea, and a bunch of additional resources.

Ready to learn more about office rentals at Office Evolution Dunwoody? Call us at (770) 462-2353 for more information on how to rent an office, or pay us a visit to see our office rentals in-person. Located close to the Perimeter Mall, we can be easily accessed from Ashford Dunwoody Road, 285, and Georgia 400.