Rent Mailbox Space in Houston for Your At-Home Business

When starting a home business in Houston TX, you need to make an important decision: Do you use your residential mailing address for business communications? Or do you rent mailbox space and a dedicated business address from a Houston business center?

At Office Evolution® Houston, we know how important this decision can be for home business owners. While the cost of a mailbox rental is typically low, the benefits you get back in privacy, security, convenience, and branding can make a big difference for your business.

By choosing Office Evolution Houston, business owners who rent mailbox units can also save big on a range of additional services and solutions. These include meeting room rentals, use of our coworking space access, and live phone answering plans, all of which can prove valuable to owners of home-based businesses.

Why Home Business Owners in Houston Rent Mailbox Units

Renting a business mailbox can be incredibly useful if you’re the owner of a home business. Here’s a closer look at five important reasons why home-based entrepreneurs rent mailbox units for their businesses in Houston.

Branding. If potential clients know that you run a home business, they might underestimate your abilities. Our business address services will give your business the appearance of an office-based company, giving you a stronger brand and an easier time attracting new business.

Marketing. Online marketing can be difficult if you operate a home business, since some websites won’t let you register if you’re using a residential address. With a dedicated business address, you’ll be able to use these sites and open up new avenues for marketing through the web and social media.

Privacy. Many home business owners in Houston rent mailbox units to safeguard their personal privacy. Instead of listing theirhome address on important documents and communications, these business owners keep their residential address private.

Convenience. A private mailbox unit offers peace of mind for times when you’re out of town, ensuring mail doesn’t visibly pile up in your home mailbox while traveling. Meanwhile, parcel reception services will ensure that you don’t need to wait around for special deliveries of parcels and/or packages.

Security. Residential mail and parcels can be vulnerable to prying eyes and sticky fingers. With a business mailbox, this isn’t the case. At Office Evolution Houston, we rent mailbox units that are protected by lock and key, and we keep all parcels and packages in a professionally secured location.

If you’re looking to rent mailbox space for a home-based business in Houston TX, we invite you to give us a call at Office Evolution Houston. Located in Houston’s Westchase District, we are conveniently located for entrepreneurs in Westchase, CityCentre, the Energy Corridor, Memorial, and other nearby areas.

In addition to all the benefits mentioned above, we also offer the twin advantages of affordability and flexibility. Our plans starting as low as $79/month and include the option of renting month-to-month or long-term.

These plans also include a range of important professional benefits. On a basic Business Address plan, you’ll enjoy discounts on meeting room and day office rentals. Meanwhile, upgrading to a Professional Plan or Professional Plan Plus will give you access to popular professional solutions, like access to our coworking space or use of our live phone answering service.

Learn more about how to rent mailbox space at Office Evolution Houston by calling us today at 346-561-0612.