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Rising Demand for Short-Term Office Space

There’s a lot that makes Office Evolution® different from other local business centers. One of the biggest differences? Our short-term office space rentals. Think flex space! 

Unlike standard office rentals, which typically require a multi-year commitment, at Office Evolution, we provide the option of renting short-term office space on a month-to-month agreement. This way, you can rent a temporary workspace for a new venture, lease office space for a limited-time project, or simply rent your workspace without the anchor of a long-term lease. We provide on-demand solutions and can have you fully operational and productive, on the same day.

Our short-term office rentals are in response to the strong demand for temporary and flexible workspace solutions. The demand has been growing for the past several years and this trend is in keeping with a broader, nationwide movement, with demand for short-term office space increasing across the country.

Wondering what’s at the heart of this trend? Below, we look at three of the biggest reasons why short-term office rentals are becoming more popular, along with why this trend is unlikely to reverse.

The Rise of Short-Term Office Space at Office Evolution

The popularity of short-term office space in major cities can be attributed to several factors, some bigger than others. Here are three of the most important:

  • The Coworking Movement. Increased demand for short-term and flexible office rentals has coincided with the rise of the coworking movement. Coworking spaces are known for offering flexible, month-to-month memberships. Additionally, many of the most popular short-term office rentals are found in coworking centers.
  • Accelerating Change. The world has never moved more quickly than it does today. Markets and technologies are changing at an ever-faster pace, which means businesses are constantly adapting to new conditions. Faced with this landscape, businesses are shying away from fixed, long-term commitments. Instead, they’re choosing flexible solutions that allow them to pivot and scale their operations as the market dictates.
  • Technology as an Enabler. In the past, the cost of setting up a new workspace and then closing it down a few months later made short-term office rentals cost-prohibitive. Technology has done a lot to change this.  Today, you can have an office up and operational in a matter of minutes.

Short-Term Office Rentals at Office Evolution

At Office Evolution, we don’t simply provide more flexibility. We also provide functionality. Every one of our private office rentals has been carefully designed and outfitted for both long-term and short-term use, giving you everything you need when renting office space. You can rent an office for an hour, day, month, or year. Why pay for more than you need?

An office at Office Evolution will give you a private, fully furnished workspace, with services like phone and high-speed internet already in place. We also provide live phone answering services, a business address, a private mailbox, and parcel reception services. Other features and amenities include 24/7 secured access to our coworking area, virtual private network, office signage, discounts on meeting room rentals, access to a business-class printer, and unlimited complimentary coffee and tea.