Save Money with a Virtual Office for Your Tax Preparation Business

When you are helping people manage their finances and tax concerns, trust is essential. However, many would-be clients have difficulty extending that trust if they don’t feel that your business meets high standards of professionalism. Fairly or not, a prospect’s scrutiny is often directed at the small tax preparation business, particularly those operated out of a home office. The assumptions customers make can cost you business.

One of the “red flags” many customers are sensitive to is your business address. If you are having correspondence sent to your residence, this can reflect poorly on your image. At the same time, having mail sent directly to a P.O. Box may not improve the situation. Customers want to see that you have a stable, professional address for your enterprise – even though the truth is you might only need office space seasonally or just occasionally.

A Virtual Office from Office Evolution is the Perfect Solution for Small Tax Businesses

Office Evolution offers the virtual office you need to burnish your company’s image in a cost-effective, efficient way. We understand tax season falls from January through April, and this busy period defines your business calendar for the rest of the year. It’s often hectic, so you need clear-cut solutions to your business challenges you can implement effortlessly.

Most tax preparation pros find they need full-time executive suite office space during tax season. For the rest of the year, a virtual office is the perfect way to keep productivity up and costs down. What is a virtual office? It’s an easy solution for meeting your clients and receiving mail during your off-season.

We provide “the new worker” like entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, and virtual nomads, with a place to call their own: A virtual office. This provides a professional and efficient space to work from when you need it without burdening you with excess complexity and overhead when you don’t.

The advantages are legion. You’ll have 24-hour access to your space – and you can close up shop any time. Flexible terms and pricing mean you’ll never have to worry about pursuing a long-term lease for overpriced downtown office space. Plus, our productivity specialists have worked hard to make sure every space we offer provides the tools and focused business environment you’ll need.

Some of our features include:

  • Professional phone answering to help manage your clients and your busy schedule.
  • Full-featured meeting rooms including cutting-edge speakerphones and projectors.
  • Business address for your mail and package deliveries – someone else will wait for your deliveries.
  • Ongoing tech support to help you with copier jams, wireless Internet, and more.
  • Printers, copiers, and fax machines – we even change toner cartridges for you.

It’s Easy to Get Started With Office Evolution

The virtual office is a popular, simple solution for busy professionals who provide sophisticated services. Not only does it help you get your message to the public, but also makes it far easier for you to have a productive and worry-free tax season.

Don’t wait: Contact Office Evolution to launch your virtual office today.

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