Self-Care Tips When Working From Home in the Summer

Working from home offers the freedom to establish your own unique approach, but maintaining a clear distinction between work and personal life is paramount. Especially during the summer, when the days grow longer and are filled with more activities, it becomes crucial to establish a healthy balance. Here are some simple yet effective self-care tips to ensure your work-at-home experience remains productive and enjoyable.

  1. Set Boundaries Between Work and Home Life

Summers often bring a flurry of activity within our homes, with kids running around and the allure of spending more time outdoors. Establishing clear boundaries is essential to maintain a healthy work-life balance. Consider designating a specific workspace within your home or explore shared office spaces such as Office Evolution. By creating a physical separation between work and personal life, you can cultivate a productive mindset.

Additionally, when you’re off the clock, turn off work notifications and resist the urge to respond to work-related emails until your next workday. This deliberate disconnection allows for a clearer distinction between work and home life.

  1. Create a Sustainable Routine

Crafting a healthy routine can be challenging when you’re no longer commuting and summer is calling your name. While it’s natural to adjust your routine during this season, aim for a sustainable one that you can adhere to for the majority of the summer months. Routines can help reduce overwhelming feelings and facilitate healthy habits, which are particularly crucial during summer.

Consider incorporating daily activities such as exercise, reading, meditation, or cooking into your pre- and post-work rituals. Establish set bedtimes and wake-up times to maintain a sense of structure. Your summer schedule need not be perfect, but adhering to consistent daily habits can help you feel more grounded.

  1. Prioritize a Healthy Diet

Maintaining an efficient work performance relies on nourishing your body with balanced and nutritious meals. The food you consume directly impacts brain health, productivity, and overall well-being. Almost everything you eat converts into glucose, which serves as direct energy for your brain.

To avoid midday crashes, ensure you have a nutritious lunch that aligns with your circadian rhythm. Eating at consistent times each day enhances your body’s ability to break down food efficiently and utilize the nutrients for sustained productivity and focus. If you choose to work in a shared workspace like Office Evolution, packing your own lunch can save money and promote healthier eating habits. Read here to learn how to pack a well-balanced lunch for your workday. 

  1. Engage in Outdoor Workouts

Rather than investing in an expensive gym membership, leverage the summer season to enjoy a wide range of outdoor activities. Start your day with a refreshing run or hike, or engage in an evening game of tennis with friends and family. Incorporating outdoor workouts into your routine helps break free from prolonged screen time and fosters physical movement after hours of sitting.

Select an exercise activity that brings you joy. Embrace your inner child by swimming or exploring new areas through leisurely walks. Keep an eye out for boutique fitness studios that offer outdoor classes during the summer months.

  1. Embrace the Outdoors

One of the greatest joys of summer is the opportunity to revel in the beauty of nature and soak up some vitamin D. Research indicates that spending just 29 minutes outdoors can enhance productivity for office workers. Being exposed to fresh air and natural surroundings improves mood and creates a more invigorating workspace environment.

Taking regular walks outside has been proven to boost productivity upon returning to your desk. According to a study conducted by the British Human Resources, individuals who spend 15 minutes outdoors during the workday exhibit better physical and mental well-being, reduced stress levels, and increased productivity. Allocating time for yourself in nature replenishes your energy and enhances your work performance.

  1. Prioritize Sufficient Sleep

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services recommends that most adults aim for seven to eight hours of sleep each night. However, when juggling work, family, and social life, sleep often gets neglected. Adequate sleep is crucial for maintaining a healthy mind, body, and focus throughout the workday. Establishing a regular sleep schedule is vital for achieving maximum efficiency and success.

  1. Foster Connections with Coworkers

Connecting with coworkers on a personal level can be particularly challenging when working remotely during the summer. Find ways to establish meaningful communication channels that help you feel connected. Consider participating in an online group chat, virtual happy hours, book clubs, or lunch clubs where you can engage in non-work-related conversations on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.

You can even plan monthly in-person meetings or events at an Office Evolution location to strengthen personal connections. Hosting such gatherings during the summer can significantly boost overall morale and create a sense of camaraderie.

  1. Practice Mindfulness

Mindfulness can alleviate the stress of working from home during the summer season. By paying attention to the present moment, you can prevent feeling overwhelmed by the numerous activities happening each day.

Meditation is a powerful tool for maintaining a calm and peaceful state of mind. It provides an opportunity to step away from screens and embrace the moment. Consider spending time outside in a park, immersing yourself in the surroundings. If you’re new to meditation, online organizations like Headspace offer guided meditation programs to help you get started.

By following these eight self-care tips, you can set yourself up for success in both your personal and professional life. Treat yourself to a fulfilling summer by venturing beyond your house and considering working at an Office Evolution location near you.