Serviced Office – The Advantages for New and Growing Businesses

Creating a Professional Business Presence

For most new businesses, or new professionals just starting out, one dilemma is very common. How do I create a professional business presence when most of my budget should be invested in growing my clientele? Or, I have been in business for some time, but now realize that the cost of my office is hindering my business growth.

Establishing a professional presence is critical to becoming recognized as a viable business. Though setting up a website and social media identity may be useful, actual customer interaction becomes the true test.

Working only from home is not always a great option.


Limitations of Traditional Offices

Rent is only the starting cost of setting up your own traditional office space. For budgetary reasons, the budding entrepreneur may be forced to settle for a less desirable, minimal space in a hardly accessible neighborhood. And if you are anticipating more than one client in your office at one time, is a conference room or even a separate waiting area available?

Furniture and office equipment are the next expense to consider. Keeping expenses down, used and marred furniture and older equipment may seem sufficient for the moment, but what image does this portray.

Next, who will answer the office phone professionally with your company name while you are out? Who handles those important questions when you are busy with another client? What are the payroll and social cost requirements? What if that person becomes ill and cannot come to work?

How much does all this cost? The answer: Too much.


A Better Solution

Switch gears and envision yourself in a modern, well-appointed executive suite in an prestigious office building in a desirable location. Down the hall is a comfortable and fully equipped conference room for your occasional use. In the lobby is a professional receptionist prepared to greet your first clients with friendly respect. Every piece of modern office equipment is at your disposal. Your business phone line is cheerfully answered with your business name.

All of this is possible in a professional, well-established serviced office network, with experience and a top-notch reputation. At the end of the month, the cost will be less than that tired office in the wrong location.

And benefits do not stop with reduced monthly expenses. Enhancement of your company image, accessibility with professional interaction will indeed improve your top line revenue and business growth as well.


Office Evolution

Even better, what if several of these serviced office facilities were at your disposal as you travel to other key business hubs in the country. Office Evolution currently has professional offices, conference space and services in 21 locations in 8 major metropolitan areas of the United States.


Menu of Services

Virtually all of the services offered in the serviced office environment are included. The virtual office services are charged in an ala carte manner where you will pay only for what you need and use. The executive offices may be full or part-time with the use of your own office digital phone, secure Internet, conference rooms, cafe kitchen, professional lobby with reception, and many other services.

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