Show Appreciation to Your Employees with Flexible Workspaces

For many companies during the pandemic, employees remain scattered as offices close and teams shift to a work-from-home environment. For some, this change was welcomed with open arms as they envisioned ditching the morning commute and enjoying a new way of working. For others, the sudden switch brought many challenges, from creating an ideal workspace to regaining their rhythm.

In either case, your business has been able to continue thriving because your employees were open-minded and flexible during a time of need. They pivoted from a structured work environment to the unknowns of working remotely and are still giving it their all in the face of adversity. 

Now is an excellent time to reward them for their dedication and effort, and a flexible workspace or virtual office can provide a highly valuable incentive they’ll appreciate.

Employee Advantages of a Flexible WorkspaceLongmont CoWorking

Many businesses across the country were forced to close their doors overnight in an effort to encourage physical distancing and protect individuals from possible contamination. Because of the sudden closures, many employers were left scrambling as they tried to figure out an alternative work arrangement that would comply with local restrictions, allow their employees to continue working, and continue generating revenue and serving their customers.

Flexible or virtual workspaces might not be the office your employees are used to, but they can help to provide a sense of normalcy in an otherwise unusual world. 

Maintain a Feeling of Connectedness

Though some employees may relish the thought of working in solitude, others believe that working in the presence of others, at least some of the time, is critical to their creativity and productivity. 

Technology can help fill the collaboration gaps in a flexible workspace and allow others to remain connected to each other. Tools like Slack, Zoom, and Google Suite have ruled the era of remote work during the pandemic and are easily deployed in a flexible workspace. Through these and other tools, teams can continue to feel connected when it’s most needed and convenient for them and also enjoy the opportunity to work independently and maximize their concentration.

Atlanta-3_19_19-5 Perks of a Private Office SpaceCreate an Environment Conducive to Work

No two work from home situations are quite alike. When your employees left the office, some may have been going home to a place without great internet service. Others may be sharing their home with a spouse, roommate, or children that can create distractions they’re not used to having in the office. Others may not have an ideal work setup that’s ergonomically friendly or otherwise conducive to work.

The equal opportunities you provide in the office are largely nonexistent when workers are sent home to work. A flexible workspace can help fill in the gaps by offering designated work areas that are meant solely for working and can help maintain a healthy work/life balance.

Flexible Workspace: The Gift that Keeps Giving

Even when the current crisis is over, many businesses may choose to allow their workers to have a more flexible work schedule and work when and where they feel most comfortable. Since that is the case, now is an excellent time to treat your employees to a flexible workspace that will allow them to perform their best while working remotely. Find the Office Evolution location nearest you and discover the potential for a better out-of-office experience!