Telephone Answering Services in Ogden: 6 Key Data Points

Telephone answering services in Ogden, UT, are being used more and more by local small businesses. The reasons why are clear. Live answering plans and remote receptionist services can make your business more responsive and your workweek more productive. That’s an ideal combination for start-ups, independent contractors, and small companies.


Most small businesses and independent professionals struggle to stay on top of telephone reception. But few have the resources to hire a dedicated receptionist. Telephone answering companies offer a cost-effective alternative. At Office Evolution® Ogden, our telephone answering services include bells and whistles like voicemail-to-email functionality, personalized live greetings, call screening, and they cost less than 10% of what businesses pay the average receptionist.

While these services are becoming more popular in Ogden, some businesses are hesitant to try out a telephone answering service. Some wonder whether these services will truly make an impact on their business. Others are inclined toward alternatives like virtual reception services.

We wanted to give small businesses in Ogden a stronger sense of these services. To help, we’ve compiled six key data points on small business phone management and telephone answering services.

Where Do Telephone Answering Services Make an Impact?

  1. Productivity Loss Caused by Spam Callers. One of the most useful features of a live reception service is call screening. That’s because small business owners are disproportionately hit by spam phone calls, losing an estimated $500 million each year in productivity.
  2. Missed Phone Calls from Leads and Clients. Roughly 25% of all calls to small businesses receive no answer, while almost 40% go to voicemail. A live receptionist puts an end to this, helping businesses hemorrhage lost leads and prevent upset clients.
  3. Meeting Customer Expectations. Nobody likes to hear a voicemail message or automated response when they call a business phone line. In fact, 47% of customers believe they should speak to a person on every call.
  4. Friendly Greetings and Customer Service. A live reception service ensures a live greeting from a friendly receptionist on every incoming call. That’s part of the reason why 30 times as many consumers prefer live answering to virtual receptionists.
  5. Reduced Hold Times. Another reason why consumers prefer live answering to virtual reception  is hold times. When Time magazine compared live vs. virtual reception systems, they found that callers spent more than twice as much time on hold with automated systems.
  6. More Time for Priority Tasks. Time is a premium commodity for small business owners and independent professionals. So you’ll be happy to know that telephone answering services from Office Evolution Ogden save 2+ hours a week for the average client — time that you can use to accomplish key tasks, increase your earnings, and grow your business.

Live Telephone Reception in Ogden, UT

Telephone answering services from Office Evolution Ogden are the ideal solution for small businesses and independent professionals. Our services are available to businesses in Ogden and nearby communities like Roy and Clearfield. We offer a range of options, so its easy to find a plan tailor-made for your needs, at a price point perfect for your business. Contact us today to learn more and get started!

Call 801-783-2888 and learn more about telephone answering services from Office Evolution Ogden.

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