The Future of Office Spaces

After yesterday’s announcement from the Center for Disease Control (all vaccinated persons are free to roam without a mask), we are one step closer to achieving a sense of normalcy. With office employees working from home for the past year, companies have realized that leasing large, long-term office suites are not as efficient as they think.

Why’s That The Case?

Office employees all have different preferences. Some prefer to work at home, while others prefer to work at the office. Amidst the recent pandemic, companies have found that the work-from-home situation has opened opportunities for both employees and employers. By giving employees more freedom, companies can see substantial savings on their real estate expenses, and a new way to create job satisfaction thus increasing employee retention. 

For those who prefer to work in the office, coworking spaces are their ideal solution. The flexibility of having a private office close to home has been a groundbreaking experience for many. No more hour-long commutes just to get to work. And even if you switch jobs, your office will still be there.

Nationwide Locations

With travel opening up as well, business trips start to see a comeback. What if you need a temporary office to get some work done? Most coworking spaces have locations nationwide, guaranteeing you a workspace anywhere you go!

Whether you want a workspace for a month or a year, Office Evolution can provide that solution. Check out Office Evolution locations to find one near you to see more!