The Solopreneur and Shared Workspaces

Maybe you’re starting a business and are working from your Office Evolution Ogden coffee shop. Or maybe you’ve been working from home for months and realize you need something more. Whatever the motivation, many solopreneurs have discovered shared office spaces. 

Working in business by yourself doesn’t have to mean cutting yourself off from all human contact. In fact, many freelancers, consultants, and contractors who trade the office for a solo venture often miss the general buzz and social side of being in an office. Some people do their best work when they’re in the company of others. Others prefer a distraction-free zone but have a hard time focusing at home when doorbells are ringing, people are dropping by, and internet issues abound. 

Coworking spaces are creating the ideal balance between focused work and social networking. For those who want a quiet atmosphere, a private workspace allows working uninterrupted so you can do more in less time. And for those who prefer some human interaction, coworking communities are brimming with professionals like yourself who are happy to help you solve challenges, discuss ideas, and perhaps benefit from the services you offer.  

Discover why solopreneurs are ditching the home office in favor of a coworking space and how it can help you level the playing field with your larger competitors. Read more