Tips for Preventing Burnout | Office Evolution

Anyone who has spent some time in a professional role is likely familiar with the symptoms of burnout. Burnout is like ordinary fatigue times 10, and it makes it difficult for people to handle their responsibilities—feeling perpetually exhausted, dreading work and having an overall negative outlook are all common signs that burnout is occurring.

Burnout is common for people who experience chronic stress due to their jobs—which applies to over 60% of American workers according to a ComPsych survey of over 5,000 participants. This stress can lead to burnout, which can result in heart disease, depression, anxiety and more adverse impacts.

The good news is, it does not have to be that way! Preventing burnout is possible, and we have all the tips you need to do just that in the article below.

Top Tips for Preventing Burnout as a Professional

Prioritize your health. When you are struggling with the feelings of chronic stress, it can be difficult to complete tasks even when you know they will be helpful to your overall well-being. Healthy habits, such as exercising regularly and eating a balanced diet, can quickly fall by the wayside. However, making these things a priority is a great way to prevent your stress from becoming extreme. Making sure you have nourishing food, are moving each day and are making time for the things you enjoy outside of work can go a long way in helping reduce stress levels.

Consider shortening your commute. Long commutes are something many Americans have to deal with, but they are something that can undermine attempts to stress less. The time spent commuting can take time out of your day for other enjoyable activities and add quite a bit of stress. Shortening your commute by switching to a more centrally located office can give you valuable hours of your day back.

Find ways to strike a balance between work and life. Depending on what your job entails, it may be required of you to stay somewhat “plugged in” at certain times—but even still, consider ways to give yourself true downtime throughout your work weeks. Whether you switch into Do Not Disturb after dinner or batch your email notifications, reducing the volume of updates you are getting about work can help you stay balanced.

If you are curious about how a flexible workspace can help you stress less, contact us today! With central locations and plenty of solutions, we make it easy to strike a better balance.