Claudia Tellez and Susana Martins of Medical Society of Northern Virginia

Meet two featured #dreamers, #risktakers, and #doers who are helping healthcare providers fight #COVID19: Claudia Tellez and Susana Martins of Medical Society of Northern Virginia (MSNVA)!

What is MSNVA and what roles do Claudia and Susana hold within the organization?

Located in Northern Virginia, MSNVA supports and advocates for over 1,600 physicians by providing the education, resources, and information they need. Claudia serves as Executive Director while Susana is the Member Relations Manager.

What MSNVA-led programs began as a result of COVID-19?

Because the personal protective equipment (PPE) shortage began straining the medical system, MSNVA redirected its efforts to secure PPE for doctors throughout the region in March. To date, the team has delivered nearly 5,000 respirators masks and 1,500 face shields to healthcare professionals in Northern Virginia.

How has Office Evolution supported MSNVA in their efforts?

MSNVA coordinated the collection of PPE with OE to serve as the drop-off and pick-up points for new deliveries. This assistance from the OE team was invaluable to meet these lofty goals and keep doctors and patients safe during COVID.

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