Why Accountants Love Private Office Spaces

Coworking spaces have piqued the interest of more than just entrepreneurs. Thanks to the shift to digital record keeping, more accountants are ditching the traditional corporate desk to favor a private office in a shared environment. 

Bookkeepers and accountants have long been confined to a rigid work environment because of the copious amounts of sensitive paper, files, and other hardcopy materials needed for their professions. 

Now, most or all of an accountant’s job can take place online. While you’re rethinking how you work, it might also be time to reconsider where you work.

Consider these four eye-opening benefits of a private office for accountants that can improve the way you work.

#1 – Grow Your Client Network

By nature, coworking spaces are social environments, whether you’re renting a private workspace or sharing a table with strangers. 

Accountants looking to grow their clientele have instant access to a network of prospects. Working in close proximity with other entrepreneurs, startups, and companies can help you make valuable business connections.

There’s not a single business that can’t benefit from an accountant. Coworking spaces give you a level of visibility and familiarity so that companies know who to turn to when they need accounting services.

Day Office-2-1#2 – Lower Your Overhead Costs

Accountants know every penny matters. Your entire job revolves around tracking expenses, cutting unnecessary costs, and helping businesses make good financial decisions. 

Naturally, you want to offer those same services to yourself. 

Having a private office in a shared environment can help you significantly cut your overhead because:

  • You pay only for the space you need. 
  • Your private office comes pre-furnished.
  • You never have to worry about maintenance or upkeep. 
  • Your monthly costs are fixed so you can better plan your budget. 

It’s a simple way to cut costs without sacrificing quality, plain and simple.

#3 – Enjoy Privacy and Community 

Coworking spaces give you the freedom to choose between privacy or community, or both.

Opting for a private office within a coworking space gives you a quiet place to do your best work. When you need collaboration or simply a feeling of connectedness, a group of like-minded business people is just a few steps away.  

Training Room-3-1#4 – Scale Your Space to Your Needs

When you rent a traditional office, you’re basing your decision on current needs or what you think you’ll need in the near future. What happens when you grow more quickly than you expect? Or worse, what if you fail to grow as much as you’d anticipated?

In either case, you’re paying for an office space that doesn’t suit your needs. 

Private offices give you the ability to scale with your business. As you earn more business, you can add more workspaces to your office without the hassle of finding a new building, moving, and remodeling. Downsizing is just as simple and streamlined, giving you the space you need and nothing more.

Will You Choose a Private Office for Your Accounting Business?

The number of coworking spaces has more than doubled in the past three years. More than 1,000 coworking spaces opened in 2018 alone, and that number is expected to climb this year. 

Coworking spaces are more than just a passing fad. They’re a valuable business opportunity for accountants and other professionals who need a private office that adapts to the way they want to work. 

To take advantage of every benefit private office spaces offer, simply find the Office Evolution location nearest you.