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  • Shared Office Coworking in Bergen County, NJ

    Find the Ideal Office Space in Bergen County, NJ for Your Growing Business

    It's an all too common dilemma: your business needs more space than you have. Many great ideas start life in the home office or local coffee shop, and that works well, for a while. However, any business with ambitions to grow usually reaches a point where they need more space. This can be both good and bad. It's good because it shows your business is growing. It's bad because you begin to fear the dreaded office lease with its long-term commitments and costly overheads.

  • Short-Term Office Rental in Bergen County, New Jersey

    Short-Term Office Rentals in Bergen County, NJ

    Anyone who commits to a traditional office lease is stuck with it, whether they need all the space or not. There may also be times when a business wants more space but it isn’t available. Then there are the costly overheads like internet, furniture, maintenance and staffing, etc. These are all heavy, usually long-term commitments. They often lock companies and independent professionals into a stuffy, inflexible way of operating a business.

  • Time to move from home?

    The Move from Home Office to Virtual Office

    For some freelancers and independent professionals, the home office works well, at least for a time. Others soon outgrow the home setup, especially those who have ambitions to expand their business. Either that or the home office stops working for different reasons.

    The new way of conducting business, particularly for more mobile operations, is to use virtual office solutions. Our New Jersey coworking center in Hackensack is a perfect example. We'll look more into Office Evolution in Bergen County, NJ shortly.

  • Office Evolution Columbus Worthington Crosswoods

    Time management for the modern-day solopreneur

    More and more people are choosing to be their own boss rather than work the 9-5 grind. And why not? The flexible working hours, the opportunity to pursue your passions and the control you can have over your work day is too good to turn down. Our research found 85 per cent of people working for themselves were happy with their current work situation and 74 per cent planned to stick to self-employment for at least the next ten years.

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    Why Every Solopreneur Needs a Business Plan

    Business plans get a bad rap for being stodgy, outdated, lengthy documents that no one reads. Business plans don't have to be jargon-filled, endless tomes, though. They're meant to be useful guides toward success. And that's why every business owner, even the smallest of eCommerce solopreneurs, should consider writing one.

    Here are three reasons why:

    ​1. To imagine what success looks like