Conference Rooms & Meeting Spaces

  • Shared Workspace Columbus

    Benefits of Shared Workspace

    Traditional business setup is gone and would realize it terribly tough to induce their hands on a premium business area, then get rid of varied loans to equip and rent the workplace. Nowadays, there are a range of various workplace choices out there to suit each want – and maintained workplace areas are getting additional in style among them.

  • Growing Your Business Beyond the Kitchen Table

    6 Tips to Grow Your Business Beyond the Kitchen Table

    It is a challenge to run a successful, growing business from the dining room table. You know that table that is so buried in your work that you can no longer eat at it as a family. Some days your house is full of distractions: kids, pets, laundry, anything really, as you can procrastinate on that deadline and other days it feels so isolating and lonely that you'll come up with any excuse to leave the house. Been there, done that. It doesn't work for most people.  Here are 6 tips to help guide you towards the success you deserve.


  • Private Office and Meeting Spaces

    What it takes to be a successful business owner

    I believe everyone has an entrepreneur spirit.  The challenge people face as an entrepreneur or successful business owner is taking risks and knowing when to take those risks.  This includes taking the necessary steps (big or small) to work in an environment that supports your business needs.   

  • Coworking and meeting space

    5 reasons to join shared and coworking space

    At Office Evolution of DuPage, we offer coworking or shared workspaces that are designed to make you successful. Office Evolution is not your typical 4 wall office space, it is the evolution in shared workplace. Whether your business needs expanding, adding a satellite office, or your business just keeps growing, Office Evolution is your solution.

  • Conference Rooms and Meeting Rooms at Office Evolution in Cedar Rapids

    The Vital Role Played by Conference Rooms

    So many things have changed about how we do business these days.  No longer do we send faxes, carry briefcases, wear power suits, or use BlackBerrys. 

    One constant in business is the need for people to meet.  

    Here are 5 reasons why conference rooms and meeting rooms are vital to business success.