Conference Rooms, Meeting Spaces and Day Offices

Conference Rooms and Training Rooms

With over 30 locations nationwide, Office Evolution has more than 100 conference rooms and training spaces available for rent by the hour or by the day. Conference rooms typically hold 6-12 people easily, and training rooms can accommodate 20+ participants. In our conference rooms, you'll find a variety of technology options, from whiteboards and projectors, to TVs and video conferencing equipment. Check with the location near you to see what conference room equipment is available. 

Meeting Spaces

Not every meeting requires a formal conference room. Sometimes a smaller room with a table that seats three, four, or five people will do a better job helping you close the deal. Or if you want to have a brainstorming session with your team, a smaller meeting space that keeps you all engaged will help you build on each others' ideas. Every location is different, so visit the Office Evolution locations near you to see what meeting spaces fit your needs the best. 

Day Offices

Day Offices are private, furnished offices that you can use for a couple hours or a couple days. Perhaps you're traveling to visit a client in another city and you need a place to work, make phone calls, and have meetings. Or maybe you typically work from home but your in-laws are going to be staying with you for a few weeks, and you need an uninterrupted place to work (and hide). Day offices are a great way to have ultimate flexibility at minimal expense. 

Affordable Conference Room Rental

Office Evolution's private office members and shared workspace members on our Professional and Professional Plus plans get a set amount of free access to conference rooms, meeting spaces, and day offices, and they enjoy discounts on the hourly rates for additional room reservations.