What's your pitch?

Feeling nervous during sales pitches?  Having trouble finding good leads or convincing them that your services are worth their time and money? Here are a few tips that can help you grow into better, more successful sales professional.


  1. Practice, Practice, Practice! Nerves can get to even the most seasoned professional, and having your pitch committed to memory can help you navigate those tougher situations. A trusted partner can give honest feedback and a video camera or mirror can capture movements and gestures you may not even know you do while speaking!


  1. Find an Experienced Sales Mentor. A mentor can offer guidance and advice by sharing their own experiences. You don’t have to learn alone. They can help you understand your strengths and weaknesses with more clarity. Getting a different perspective from an experienced advior can give you a better understanding of your sales abilities from a new point of view.


  1. Network in Person. Save yourself time, effort, and money, and make yourself The Person to call when people have a need in your industry. These connections are difficult to foster online, so get out and get involved with local networking groups in your targeted industries. Make sure to follow up after these events with e-mails and LinkedIn messages!


Looking for a local networking event to practice your sales pitch? Check out “LinkedIn Local-Ann Arbor: What’s your pitch?” the perfect venue hosted by one of the fastest growing professional networking groups in the Ann Arbor area! Click the link below for tickets!