Workplace Productivity Tips | How to Increase Productivity

Making the most of your time during a long workday isn’t always an easy feat. When surrounded by distractions and a wandering mind, you may find yourself having trouble focusing at work and losing valuable time. That’s why Office Evolution has created a list of productivity tips to help you maximize your time and stay on task.

How to Increase Productivity

When looking for ways to boost your productivity, you must recognize what kind of worker you are. While some people thrive in a busy environment, others require solitude and quiet. Likewise, some workers find themselves motivated by the promise of a short break after finishing a task. In contrast, others may prefer to stay busy with their daily work before any rest. Because our needs as workers can vary so drastically, it’s essential to try a variety of productivity hacks and see what works best for you. If one tip doesn’t work, don’t sweat it! Give yourself a pat on the back for your efforts toward your productivity, then move on to our next tip.

6 Tips for When You Have Trouble Focusing at Work

1. Prioritize Tasks

One of the best ways to ensure you accomplish your most important tasks is to prioritize. Try writing down your top three goals at the start of each workday and finish those before tackling projects that may have a later due date or are lower priority. Then, if you don’t get something done, move it to the top of your priorities the next day. This is a fantastic way to see what you’ve accomplished and what you still have to do. If you like visually seeing tasks and crossing off your accomplishments, this tip is for you!

2. Take Breaks

You heard us right; taking breaks helps you recharge, refocus, and accomplish more. For many people, focusing for short amounts of time with the promise of a quick break is much more manageable than looking at the workday as hours of required focus and productivity. Taking care of your mental health with a few minutes to reset and spend time for yourself may even help you create better work as you remain in a positive headspace. Try these work break techniques:

  • Take breaks between tasks. If you prefer to complete a task uninterrupted before breaking, take your breaks after accomplishing each task. For shorter tasks, you could take a 3-5 minute break; for tasks that take an hour or more, give yourself around 7-10 minutes to recharge.
  • Try the Pomodoro Method. This technique recommends you work for 25 minutes and then take a five-minute break. Repeat this cycle four times before you take a longer break, then repeat.

3. Know When You Work Best

Just as it’s essential to understand where you work well, knowing when you are most productive is helpful. Think back on your past workdays and think about when you are most awake and ready for action. Then, try giving yourself more significant tasks to do during this time. Tackling larger tasks when you are more productive will keep you focused and less likely to find ways to distract yourself.

4. Understand Your Distractions

One of the biggest ways to stay focused and productive is to know what distracts you. If you work from home, try creating your workspace away from your kitchen or other areas where you find yourself looking for other things to do. Try setting your phone on “Do Not Disturb” and save household chores for your breaks or after work.

5. Don’t Be Afraid to Say No

The more work on your plate, the harder it can be to prioritize and recognize the work that matters most. Be transparent about the work you can manage, and remember that quality work is always valued.

6. Find a Positive Workspace

Find or create a space where you feel comfortable and ready to work. This will vary for everyone. Whether you work from home, go to the office, or have a hybrid work situation, control what you can about your workspace. Choose a comfortable chair, make a playlist of focus music for work, and surround yourself with photos and objects that make you smile.

Improve Your Productivity Today

Give these tips a go and see what works best for you! Still, looking for the right workspace? Office Evolution Austin Arboretum offers a variety of workspaces, from shared to private, full of comfortable amenities to help you work productively. 

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