What's the ROI for Private Workspaces?

Your office space in Boise should be a valuable business asset, not a liability. It’s a space designed to help you work and grow, a way to spur productivity, impress clients, and add to your bottom line.

Often, this just isn’t the case.

When you lease a traditional office, you’re usually signing a long-term agreement. Coworking spaces offer more flexibility, letting you choose your space on a yearly, monthly, or even daily basis.

With traditional offices, you choose a space that either meets your current needs or allows you to grow into it. What happens if you outgrow the space before your lease ends, or worse, your company doesn’t experience the growth you project?

You’re stuck paying for a much larger space than you need when you could put that money to better use.

Furthermore, traditional offices come with myriad expenses that eat into your bottom line: furniture, maintenance, utilities, and wasted space, to name a few. With private offices in coworking spaces, your costs are more predictable. Just one fee covers everything you need to get the job done.

Regardless of which one you choose, good office spaces aren’t cheap, especially when you look at the individual costs of using an office to house and grow your business, but one might give you a better ROI over the other.

Take a look at the true cost of an office vs. a private office in a coworking environment so you can gauge what you’re paying for and how you can lower your expenses to see an ROI sooner.