Two Simple Solutions to Closing More Deals

Two Simple Solutions to Closing More Deals:

An Interview with Tommy Lorden of Buyers’ Slice Realty

Many business professionals find it important to have a “home base”. Real Estate brokers working all around the metro area are no exception. We recently caught up with Tommy Lorden, the managing broker for Buyers’ Slice Realty. Based out of an office space in the Boulder, CO Office Evolution business center Tommy services clients across the Colorado Front Range with an innovative approach to the Buyer/Agent relationship.

As an entrepreneur, Tommy has been successful both in the courtroom and in real estate. During our interview, we asked him to share with us some secrets that have allowed him to establish and build two successful, yet completely different, businesses. Read the article and watch the video to learn the secret to his success.

Tell us a little about your business and what you do.

I’m the managing broker for Buyers’ Slice Realty. We’ve worked with self-directed home buyers across the Front Range since 2008.
People really don’t know to look for Buyers’ Slice, but once they find me, they think it’s the future: a partnership where the consumer is more involved. We’re there when you need us and we’re not when you don’t. That resonates with a lot of consumers who are doing their own online research when it comes to finding the right property.

Real Estate: NOW & THEN:

The real estate industry has changed significantly in the last 10 years particularly with the internet allowing consumers to find so many of the properties and resources online. [Fifteen years ago] you literally had to go to a real estate agent that had a book of paper listings. Now that’s all opened up and available to consumers where they can research neighborhoods, homes, school districts, and find the home on their own in many cases.

#1 – The Rise of Mobile: All the information that is available at people’s fingertips really plays well into our model where people can be out in the market finding their own target properties.
#2 – New Construction: It is anticipated that there will be a lot more new construction in the coming decades. People move here more and more from all around the country. Those new construction deals are great places for us to be involved because, frankly, the builder doesn’t do a lot of negotiating. So when you have a model available like ours, where we can at least add value in terms of paying closing costs, that seems to be a really good fit.

What is your best business tip?

#1 – Be Nice: My business tip is really pretty simple; that’s just to be kind, be nice, and try and be professional and cooperative. I’ve just found that over my career, starting as an attorney in the courtroom, that it’s easy to get carried away with emotion, your arguments, and your position. Certainly in real estate, too: buyers and sellers can be very emotional about the home. Sometimes there’s big differences on value and things like that in [property] negotiations. I’ve saved more deals, not by trying to hit the home run, but by being nice, cooperative, and respectful. It worked great for me in the courtroom and it works great for me at Buyers’ Slice.
#2 – Understand the Customer: Really understand what your customer wants instead of focusing on what you want to give them. You really don’t want to be a solution in search of a problem, you really want to know what they really want. In my case, I thought everyone would want the money that we give back at closing. A lot of people value that, but I’ve been blown away by the amount of people who want the space that comes along with our model: to do their own thing when it comes to the property search. Just hearing what each individual values is really important.

What do you like most about Office Evolution?

Office Evolution is great because, for someone like me who is working across the Front Range, there’s various office locations where I can meet clients in any submarket. The fact that they project a professional image both in their facilities and when [clients] call in is huge to someone like me.
I love the .wav files for voicemails. I get voicemails by email and I can play them on my smart phone. The voicemail service works fabulous.

There you have it, Two Simple Solutions to Closing More Deals.
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