4 Ways to Find Affordable Office Space in Burlington

Running a small business in Burlington, MA can make it difficult to find affordable office space. As with the rest of the Boston MetroWest area, Burlington has developed into a competitive office space market. That can force small business owners into less-than-comfortable positions. Some end up in cramped, ill-designed, or poorly located spaces. Others end up renting at a higher price than they originally hoped or on a longer lease than they’d planned.

However, a number of forward-thinking small businesses have successfully avoided these traps. Instead of renting an office the usual way, they’ve found unconventional solutions to their workspace needs.

If you’re looking for affordable office space in Burlington, these kinds of outside-the-box solutions could work for your business. Before you commit to a less-than-ideal lease, try searching for office space with the following strategies.

Smart Ways to Find Affordable Office Space for Rent

  • Search for office space creatively. If you get creative in your search for an office, you might find a great deal on office space. Some small businesses have landed deep discounts by subletting unused office space from larger businesses. Other companies have taken the opposite approach, renting a larger office with the intention of future growth, then sub-leasing unused space to other businesses.
  • Start up a virtual office. Before renting an office, it’s worth asking yourself if your business actually needs a physical workspace. Many small businesses have found success with the virtual office model, which can dramatically limit overhead. With a business address and a phone answering service, you can give the impression of an office-based business while working from home or your favorite coffee shop.
  • Join a co-working space. Another affordable office space option is joining a local co-working space. Co-working won’t give you a dedicated private office, but it will provide you with a focus-friendly and professionally serviced workspace. Co-working spaces are also great for networking. By joining one, you can connect with other hardworking small business owners and local professionals.
  • Private office, shared workplace. While virtual offices and co-working spaces are great, some business owners need the privacy of a dedicated office. These business owners can find affordable office space in shared office centers like Office Evolution┬« Burlington. Our office rentals provide you with a private workspace, plus the resources of a larger office. Even better, each rental comes with a ton of inclusive features, and we provide the option of renting on a month-to-month lease.

Low-Cost Office Space Solutions in Burlington

Looking for affordable office space in the Boston MetroWest area? If so, our team can help you find your dream workspace. We offer low-cost office space rentals, budget-friendly co-working memberships, and virtual office solutions like business address and phone answering services.

Located at 2 Burlington Woods Drive, just off I-95, our offices are ideally located for businesses in the Burlington area. If you’re based in Burlington, Lexington, Bedford, Woburn, Winchester, Billerica, Wilmington, or a surrounding community, we encourage you to pay us a visit and see our space in person.

Call (781) 222-8075 today to learn more about affordable office space at Office Evolution Burlington.

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