Live Coaching Night With Cheryl Richardson - A Special Member Event!

This week Office Evolution Burlington held its first of what will be many more valuable events for its members. We are creating a community that fosters collaboration and innovation among our members, and to that end, will be hosting a number of events to facilitate educational and networking opportunities.

Cheryl Richardson, New York Times bestselling author and business coach, recently stopped by our business center and, finding the conversation between members at our lunch table so compelling, generously offered to take part in an evening of business coaching to our members, despite being on a deadline in one week for her 7th book.

Cheryl’s idea was that we host small, intimate event for up to 20 people, all of whom would bring with them a business challenge they were comfortable discussing in front of the group. After mingling over appetizers and drinks, we all gathered in our large conference room where Cheryl got down to work applying her own unique brand of intuitive, perceptive and vastly experienced coaching on various business challenges. She began by telling us that we would find that her responses to these individual challenges would likely apply to all of us and she could not have been more right. As I looked around the room, we were all taking notes.

To one guest who, like so many solopreneurs, has been in business a few short years, has some clients but is looking for the best way to draw in more, Cheryl advised that “success leaves clues”. She suggested that you think about who the best clients you have are and make a list of 4 or 5 attributes that make them your best clients. When you have a good grasp of what traits make your best clients, focus your networking and marketing efforts towards people with those same attributes. Bingo! I’ve already made my list and can hardly wait to apply it to my next networking event.

Cheryl was gracious, insightful and, at times, brutally honest, always seeking the intention behind what drives people to want to take their business in a particular direction and what experiences from their past might be blocking them from making the requisite changes to achieve success. It was a collaborative session where people who are experts in their respective fields chimed in with their own suggestions or asked additional, related questions.

When the session was over, there was no doubt that everyone got something valuable out of it. It was a bonding experience; a feeling I could not help thinking is akin to a group therapy session. And let’s face it, coaching in many ways is therapy. It’s therapy for your business and your business starts with you. Know yourself, think about what you really want to achieve and why. This understanding is the foundation that will better position you to determine the next steps to achieving your goals. And remember to always, as Cheryl says, “take time for your life” because success in business is nothing but an empty promise if you give up the things that bring you joy in life to achieve it.

We most sincerely thank Cheryl Richardson for her participation in our first member event. Thank you to all who participated, especially those with the courage to speak up about their business challenge.

Here at Office Evolution Burlington we are building a diverse community of interesting people doing interesting things. The owners of Office Evolution Burlington, Marty Bodley and Gerry Moore, are both entrepreneurs and angel investors, involved in other ventures as well this shared office space. Their vast, combined experience in growing successful businesses provides them with a unique perspective and understanding of the importance of building community in an environment that caters to entrepreneurs, solopreneurs and business professionals looking to grow their businesses. An important part of building that community is bringing these kinds of events to our members. Stay tuned for more on our next member event….