Lunch & Learn at OE Burlington with EVOX 365 - December 19th, 2023

Join Office Evolution Burlington members in our Oclen Event & Training Room for an exciting FREE Lunch & Learn seminar with EVOX365 from 12:30pm – 1:30pm on December 19th, 2023.



Seminar Title:

Collaborative Tech Boost: AI and Economical Software Solutions for Office Evolution’s Diverse Business Community

Seminar Introduction:

In the ‘Collaborative Tech Boost’ seminar, we invite the dynamic business community at Office Evolution to explore the synergistic world of cost-effective software solutions and AI. This session is designed to highlight a range of affordable and efficient software tools, meticulously chosen to enhance productivity, streamline business processes, and improve collaboration and communication. Our focus is to cater to the distinctive needs of both burgeoning startups and established businesses, offering practical, actionable solutions that help optimize operations while keeping a keen eye on cost-effectiveness. This seminar promises to deliver valuable insights into how these tools can be strategically employed to foster growth and maintain a competitive edge in the fast-paced business world.

Further enriching our seminar, we will delve into the realm of Artificial Intelligence , with a special emphasis on tools like ChatGPT. The section will open with a comprehensive introduction to AI and ChatGPT, shedding light on their importance in today’s business landscape. We will then explore a variety of real-world AI applications across multiple industries, showcasing how these technologies can be innovatively and effectively integrated into different business models. Our goal is to demystify AI and illustrate its potential in enhancing business efficiency and fostering innovation. This part of the seminar is crafted to be accessible and informative for all attendees, from those new to AI technologies to those looking to expand their existing AI strategies. We will touch on the highlighted contexts and plan a full AI and ChatGPT seminar as part of the technology talk series next year.


About Evox365:

Evox365 is a distinguished Microsoft cloud consulting firm focused on providing tailored services for startups and small businesses. They offer the Evox365 Microsoft Bundle, a set of Microsoft tools specifically designed for startups and SMBs to improve their processes and financial outcomes. Their service range expands to include Managed Services for 24/7 IT support, Cost Savings Service for long-term IT strategy optimization, no-code application services for non-technical staff, and SMB AI Enablement Tracks to aid in the adoption of AI technologies. Evox365’s commitment is to enhance business technology foundations, streamline IT management, and offer cost-saving solutions, demonstrating their dedication to empowering businesses with scalable, efficient, and accessible technology solutions and Evox365 is excited to share their insights with Office Evolution members.


About the Speaker:

Headshot photo of Pouya Andalib, Co-Founder of EVOX365
Pouya Andalib, Co-Founder and Principal Architect of Evox365

Pouya Andalib, Co-Founder and Principal Architect of Evox365 LLC and a Microsoft-authorized AI partner, brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to this seminar. As an expert in Modern Work and AI-powered cloud solutions, he has played various roles from developer to solution architect, significantly contributing to the cloud and AI adoption journeys of many SMBs and large enterprises. Pouya holds a master’s degree in Business Analytics and Project Management, along with multiple Microsoft certifications in M365, Azure, and VIVA Workplace Analytics. His passion lies in leveraging AI for cost-effective solutions and helping businesses streamline their technology foundation. At Evox365, Pouya is dedicated to making a positive impact and assisting a wide range of businesses in achieving their technological and operational goals.