Office Evolution Hosts Boston Women Connect's 'Making Business Connections' Event

Monday night Office Evolution Burlington welcomed more than 40 members of Boston Women Connect for the Making Business Connections networking event. I had been looking forward to this event all summer and it did not disappoint.

The evening started with a pre-event workshop presented by Donna McGurk, a financial and relationship coach, about setting “outrageous” income goals. Donna had us set an income goal and then asked us to double it, guiding us through exercises that demonstrated our emotional responses to various statements about whether our goals are achievable. She discussed the negative thoughts we all have that play on a continuous loop inside our subconscious minds that can block us from realizing our true potential and gave us some great tips for how to expel these thoughts. When the workshop wrapped up, I have to say that my goal seemed a little less outrageous. Nicely done, Donna!

At this time, we joined the rest of the group in our business lounge and kitchen to mingle over wine and appetizers in a casual networking environment. Marie Warner, founder and CEO of Boston Women Connect and President of Warner Professional Sales, soon had us divided into groups for her special brand of structured networking. Using the worksheets Marie provided us with as a guide, we told each other about our businesses and how others can help us with referrals. We also listed an upcoming need for a product or service we will be spending money on in the near future. Through this exercise, we not only learned about each other’s businesses but also made a new connection to someone who could either provide us with the product or service we need, or refer us to someone who can.This creates the two-way exchange that’s so essential to effective networking.

Many new business connections were made that evening, so the event was not only fun but also a great success. Thank you to all who attended and a special thanks to Marie Warner for making these Boston Women Connect events happen!