Rent an Office in Burlington on Your Terms

One of the more unattractive features of traditional office space is the way it restricts your work-life. If you’re furnishing a private office by yourself, your workspace probably won’t contain the kind of productivity-boosting features found with managed office space. And if you rent an office in Burlington on a traditional lease, you’re locking yourself into a multi-year commitment. In today’s fast-changing business world, this kind of lease can become an unwelcome anchor, keeping you in place while the rest of the world moves forward.

So if you’re planning to rent an office in the Boston MetroWest area, you’ll want to pay us a visit at Office Evolution┬« Burlington MA. We take a different approach to private office space rentals. Instead of giving you a no-frills office, we provide you with the furnishings and services you need to work the way you want. Instead of tying you to a long-term lease, we give you the chance to rent on your terms.

This way, you get a work environment that actively furthers your career. Even better, you can rent it for whatever length of time suits your needs.

More Professionals in Burlington Want to Rent an Office Flexibly

Office Evolution Burlington isn’t the only place where you can rent a furnished office on a flexible agreement. Yet it remains one of the few business centers to provide this style of workspace. Despite the benefits of flexible office rentals, less than 4% of current U.S. office space is considered ‘flexible.’

However, this kind of scarcity is unlikely to last. In the past two years, the flexible office market has more than doubled. This growth will continue in the coming years. In fact, industry experts believe that flexible office space could make up more than 25% of the national market for office space by 2030.

What’s driving this trend? For one thing, flexible office space can be much more functional compared to a traditional workspace. Flexible offices fall under the category of managed office space. This means that they come fully furnished and pre-loaded with the kinds of professional resources rarely found in a private office.

Another big factor is the length of rental agreements. Today’s fast-paced economy rewards agility and adaptation. A three-year lease on a private office is the polar opposite of these qualities. At a business center like Office Evolution Burlington, you can steer clear of multi-year leases. Instead, you can rent an office year-to-year, month-to-month, or even day-to-day.

Flexible Office Rentals in Burlington MA

Demand for flexible office space has consistently outstripped supply over the past several years. While other office centers have been slow to adapt, Office Evolution Burlington is always ahead of the curve. When you rent an office at our business center, you’ll enjoy a range of premium benefits, including:

  • A private, pre-furnished office with attractive, ergonomic furniture
  • Live Phone Answering services and a Business Address plan
  • Credits and discounts toward meeting room rentals
  • Inclusive phone, high-speed Ethernet, and secure Wi-Fi
  • 24/7 access to your office and our coworking area
  • Use of our office kitchen, plus unlimited coffee and tea
  • Front desk reception and guest amenities

On top of all this, you’ll be working among some of Burlington’s most talented, ambitious, and forward-thinking professionals. Since opening our doors, we’ve become one of the most active and popular work centers in the Boston MetroWest area, attracting professionals from Burlington, Lexington, Bedford, Woburn, Winchester, Billerica, and Wilmington. In addition to being a great place to rent an office, we’re also a perfect place to collaborate, innovate, and network.

Learn more about how to rent an office at our Burlington MA business center by calling Office Evolution Burlington today at (781) 222-8075!

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