Why Rent a Virtual Address in Burlington?

Today, most businesses in the U.S. are run without traditional office space. Instead, they’re operated out of non-traditional spaces, like home offices and coworking centers. If you’re an entrepreneur in Burlington, this can be a great way to reduce your overhead. But it can lead to problems at times when you need a mailing address. The solution? Get a virtual address at Office Evolution® Burlington.

A virtual address will provide you with a secure mailbox and a professional mailing address at our 2 Burlington Woods Drive location. By renting a mailbox, small business owners enjoy a host of benefits, including the five below.

Benefits of a Virtual Address in Burlington

Parcel Reception Services

If your small business routinely receives parcels, you face two big problems. First, signing for these parcels interrupts your workflow. Second, you need to be present to sign for them, tying you to a single location. Our business mail service solves both issues by accepting parcels on your behalf until you’re ready to pick them up.

Branding & Paperwork

Having a professional mailing address can be especially useful when developing your brand and marketing your business. While it’s a seemingly small detail, listing a professional address on your business cards, invoices, website, and other materials can help you project a more authoritative image. And it will save you from using a residential address when filling out certain types of paperwork.

Online Marketing

Online marketing is vital for modern small businesses—especially those that lack a physical location. But without a proper mailing address, you’ll be cut off from some of the most important online marketing channels. A virtual office address will help you resolve this issue and market your business with the same tools available to your competitors.

Local Meetings

Without a physical office, it’s hard to host meetings with clients, colleagues, or investors. But with a virtual address at Office Evolution® Burlington, you can rent a day office or a conference room at a discounted rate. Our location is ideally located for meetings with professionals based in Lexington, Bedford, Woburn, Winchester, Billerica, Wilmington, and elsewhere in the Boston MetroWest area.

Professional Services

A business address isn’t the only useful service that we offer for small-budget businesses and independent professionals. In fact, you can bundle your virtual address with our live phone answering service or a coworking membership to save on all these services.

Looking for a virtual address in Burlington? Call Office Evolution Burlington at (781) 222-8075 to learn more about plans and pricing.

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