Office Space for Rent in Burlington

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Office Space for Rent in Burlington, MA

Office Evolution Burlington offers flexible workspace solutions including private offices, coworking, meeting rooms, and a variety of virtual office packages. We are conveniently located near I-95 and the greater Boston metro area. Contact us today to learn more!

Address: 2 Burlington Woods Drive Suite 100 Burlington, MA 01803

Enjoy one free month on a private office!

*Get one month free with a 12-month membership term.

About Our Location

Looking for a Burlington Private Office to grow your business? Think Office Evolution Burlington, MA, with Private Office Spaces and Flexible Workspaces that are convenient, cost-effective, safe and secure.

With a dedicated staff, upfront pricing, and convenient location near I-95 and the greater Boston metro area, you’ll benefit from our flexible work environment designed to give you more time to focus on your productivity as a business owner or hard working professional. Whether you want a private office to rent, or would rather share flexible workspaces with other startups, we’ve got you covered.

Private Offices Available

Office Evolution Burlington offers flexible private office space for rent, meeting room rentals, virtual offices, and coworking. Schedule a tour today to find out how your business can benefit from our professional environment, friendly staff, and emphasis on your success.

Deals on Virtual Office Plans

If you’re looking for a special offer on virtual office services like a professional business address, please visit our current specials page for the latest offer. Working in a flexible office space just got a whole lot easier!

Features of Private Workspaces We Offer

Month-to-Month Office Space Rental

Office Evolution private offices are available on a month-to-month basis or longer-term leases. Having a professional office without signing a multi-year lease is extremely helpful to growing businesses who are not sure of their needs five years — or even one year — out.

All-Inclusive Dedicated Workspaces

Going from working at home to having a private office space can be a stretch for young businesses. Some of our locations have dedicated workspace options that offer most of the benefits of private office space, but are available at a lower cost. Office Evolution members who have micro offices or dedicated desks also enjoy all of the benefits listed above.

Offices from Small to Extra Large

Micro offices are modern, hi-tech and compact offices. They are typically arranged in rows, within a larger workspace. Your space is secure, as each micro office has a sliding door that locks.

Dedicated Desk

Unlike coworking spaces where you could sit somewhere different each day, dedicated desks guarantee your particular spot and include a locking cabinet for your belongings.

Amenities to Supercharge Your Work

At Office Evolution Burlington, we provide private offices and shared workspaces to small and growing businesses. Burlington is a great place to do business. We have everything you’d expect and more. We try our hardest to create a professional environment where like-minded professionals can work independently, yet be part of something bigger.

24/7 Access

Business Community

Coffee and Tea

Community Kitchen

Conference Rooms

Coworking Space

Free Parking

Friendly Atmosphere


Lunch Learns

Mail Services

Membership Access

Nationwide Network

Onsite Manager

Onsite Receptionist


Printer Access

Starbucks Coffee


Wifi Access

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Private Office FAQ's

Looking for a Burlington Private Office Space? Think Office Evolution Burlington, MA, with Private Office Spaces and Flexible Workspaces that are convenient, cost-effective, safe and secure, in a convenient location near I-95 and the greater Boston metro area.

Just like Airbnb provides a nationwide network of lodging options, Office Evolution offers a nationwide network of on-demand private office spaces, meeting rooms, and flexible coworking space for entrepreneurs, dreamers and doers.

That’s a natural question. The answer depends on many factors including location, your intended use (day office vs. permanent private office space, for example), the amount of space you need, and other factors.

Price Range

Office Evolution offers Virtual Office Services starting as low as $99/month, and offers corner Private Office locations in prime markets for $1400/month and up.

Great question. It really depends on what you’re in need of, and what your budget will allow.

Office Evolution offers three options for Private Office in more than 70 locations across the country. These range from Dedicated Desks, to Micro Offices, to fully furnished Private Offices, available for 1-10+ employees in many locations.

Visit Private Offices to learn more about the options available, find a location near you, and inquire with them to schedule a tour or inquire about pricing.

There are many different options available to those who are looking for office space. If you’re looking to stay flexible and not get locked into 5-7+ year leases, renting office space from a Shared Office Provider like Office Evolution can be a smart option.

Office Evolution offers membership in our network of over 70 locations from coast to coast, allowing you the flexibility to travel to different cities and know that you can find a quiet, professional place to conduct a meeting with reliable internet and ample parking for clients and business partners.

Visit Private Office or Coworking to learn more about what’s available. Then Search for a Location near you and stop by for a tour and to meet the team.

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