4 Tips on Small Office Rentals in the Cedar Rapids Area

Searching for office space can be a daunting task. Whether you are a solopreneur starting up your own business, a small home-based business, or a medium sized business opening a satellite location, finding the right office space is important to your success. Use these 4 tips to help you find the right spot.

  1. Square Footage vs. “Shared Footage”: Co-working or shared workspaces are a perfect fit for those business that are just getting started. Renting a private office in a shared workspace gives you the privacy you need when working, but also access to the shared spaces like a reception area, meeting rooms, co-working space, and break room.
  2. Community & Culture: The community and/or culture of a space can have a huge impact on your productivity and success. It is important to find a professional space that will nurture your work life and mood while giving you opportunities to network with others in the space.
  3. Professional Services: Many small office rentals also provide professional services that are perfect for small business owners who want the look and resources of a larger business. Telephone answering, call screening, and mail management can give a small business owner a much larger presence.
  4. Space to Impress: Look at the space through the clients eyes. Will clients be impressed? Will your space attract new business or clients? How will this space affect your success? Access to meeting rooms and/or conference rooms, as well as amenities for guests, such as free Wi-Fi and complementary beverages, are influential to your business’ presence.

Small Office Space in Cedar Rapids

At Office Evolution Cedar Rapids, we have ideal small office space for new and small business professionals. Our location in The Depot building is in the heart of the Newbo District, very close to downtown Cedar Rapids and Czech Village. We offer fully furnished offices in Cedar Rapids’ most innovative area, giving you and your business the resources it needs to grow and thrive.

Call 319-249-2020 today for more information on small office rentals at Office Evolution Cedar Rapids

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