4 Ways to Rent Affordable Office Space in Cedar Rapids

If you’re a small business owner in Cedar Rapids, IA, finding affordable office space is a lot easier than in some other major cities. But ‘easier’ doesn’t necessarily mean ‘easy.’ Renting low-cost office space can be an issue for small-budget businesses in Cedar Rapids, especially those that aren’t ready to sign a multi-year lease.

Thankfully, there are new and innovative strategies that local businesses can use to save money on office space. Below, we’ve collected four ways that local business owners can find affordable office space for rent in the Cedar Rapids area.

How to Find Low-Cost Office Space

  • Transform an Unconventional Workspace. One tried and true way to find affordable office space in Cedar Rapids is to rent a space that wasn’t meant for office use. This type of solution isn’t for everyone, especially given the time and money you’ll need to invest in updating your new space. But if you have an eye for design and a strong sense of what makes great office space effective, this investment could lead to big savings.
  • Piggyback on Another Company’s Lease. Entrepreneurs looking for startup office space can find savings through other company’s leases. If you find a business that wants to move into a bigger space, but they’re tied to a long-term lease, you might land a great deal by assuming their lease. Or you could see if any local companies have unused office space. These companies may be willing to rent idle office space to you at a discounted rate.
  • Start a Virtual Office for Real-Life Savings. Before over-spending on an office lease, it’s worth asking whether you need a physical office. Instead, you might get better value out of running a virtual office. By renting a business address, you can operate your business like an office-based company, even if you’re actually working from your home, the corner coffee shop, or a local coworking space.
  • Rent Your Office in a Shared Work Center. One of the smartest, quickest, and easiest ways to find affordable office space is to rent a private office in a shared work environment in Cedar Rapids. This way, you’re paying private office rates, but you gain access to the resources of a much larger workplace. At Office Evolution┬« Cedar Rapids, IA, a private office rental includes business mail services, live phone answering, discounts on meeting room rentals, and more, helping you make the most of every dollar you spend on your workspace.

Affordable Office Space for Rent in Cedar Rapids, IA

If you’re looking for affordable office space in Cedar Rapids, the team at Office Evolution Cedar Rapids can help you find the right solution for your business. In addition to providing low-cost office space through our private office rentals, we also provide virtual office services and memberships to coworking space.

Located in the heart of NewBo District, Office Evolution Cedar Rapids not only offers low-cost office space and professional services but also a premium location. Our business center is steps away from the shops, restaurants, and amenities of downtown Cedar Rapids. We’re also within a short drive of nearby communities like Marion, Robins, Hiawatha, and Fairfax.

Call (319) 249-2020 today for more information about our affordable office space solutions at Office Evolution Cedar Rapids.

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