4 Reasons to Rent a Furnished Office in Charleston

If you’re renting office space in Charleston SC right now, you’ll need to decide between a furnished office or an unfurnished workspace. While unfurnished office space is more common, a furnished workspace comes with a number of benefits.

At Office Evolution┬« Charleston SC, our members love the convenience, functionality, and flexibility provided by our private office rentals, each of which comes fully furnished with comfortable seating, ample desk space, and office storage. To help you decide which type of office to rent, we’ve compiled four of the biggest advantages of a furnished office at our business center in Charleston.

Advantages of Furnished Office Space in Charleston

1. Minimal Set-Up Time

When you rent furnished office space at Office Evolution Charleston, you’ll minimize the time it takes to set up your workspace. Normally, you would spend hours selecting, acquiring, and assembling furniture for your workspace, not to mention the time you’d invest trying to achieve the perfect layout. Our pre-furnished workspaces eliminate this step. If you do most of your work off your laptop, it can take less than five minutes to set up your office.

2. Attractive Office Space

Let’s say you’re not a natural interior decorator. And let’s say you’re not especially concerned about the appearance of your workspace. This doesn’t mean the appearance of your office doesn’t matter. If you plan to host clients or investors for meetings, an unattractive space can send the wrong signals. By renting a furnished workspace at Office Evolution Charleston, you’ll enjoy an attractive, modern workspace, avoiding this issue.

3. Ergonomic Design

At Office Evolution Charleston, we are committed to improving productivity and performance. Our furnished office rentals are designed to help you make the most of every workday. We include features like ergonomic seating, a balance of natural and artificial lighting, ample desk space, and focus-friendly color choices, all of which are correlated with increased productivity.

4. Financial Flexibility

If you rent a ready-for-use office, you won’t need to invest a bunch of money upfront on furnishings. This makes turn-key office space a great choice for anyone who could benefit from a private office but is operating on a bootstrap budget. At Office Evolution Charleston, we take this a step further, providing the option of renting your workspace on a month-to-month agreement.

Furnished Workspace in Downtown Charleston SC

If you’re thinking of renting a furnished office at Office Evolution Charleston, we invite you to pay us a visit and check out our business center. Located at 460 King Street in downtown Charleston, we are easily accessed from North Charleston, Mount Pleasant, James Island, West Ashley, Isle of Palms, and the rest of the Charleston metro area.

By visiting Office Evolution Charleston in person, you’ll have a chance to see our office rentals for yourself. Just as importantly, you’ll have the chance to learn more about the perks included with our private office rentals, including phone answering and business address services, use of our coworking space, discounts on conference room rentals, and complimentary coffee and tea.

Call 843-203-9048 today to schedule your tour of Office Evolution Charleston SC or to learn more about our furnished office rentals.

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