Member Reviews for Downtown Charleston

Jonathan Carpenter

Dec 06, 2022

I have been coworking at this location for about 3 years. As a digital nomad, I needed a place to get off the boat and get some work done. This place ended up being the perfect fit. The owner and staff are amazing, downtown location cant be beat, and ended up making some good friends in the office community. Highly recommend.

Anne Morgan

Nov 29, 2022

I have booked conference rooms multiple times at this location for team meetings and it’s always a good experience. Facility is just what we need for a small meeting, the staff is friendly, and it’s conveniently located to restaurants for meals/entertaining.

Lynn Bailey

Nov 04, 2022

Pretty nice climate, unobtrusive. Would use again in a heartbeat

Victor Overtop Media

Oct 12, 2022

Nice place. They have it all.

Overtop Media Digital Marketing

Oct 02, 2022

Nice place. They have it all.


Oct 01, 2022

I would strongly recommend that property owners utilize First Choice for property management.

Alpha Wildlife

Jul 15, 2022

Beth was great to work with. Very accommodating!

Joe Landingham

Jun 09, 2022

Mark Hanna

May 19, 2022

Andy and Beth made our experience great!

April Burrows

Apr 21, 2022

Very nice office space with friendly staff. There is a nice kitchen with snacks and plenty of drinks. We rented space for a small corporate meeting. Would definitely come back. Walking distance Stella’s and Prohibition, two of my favs in Charleston. Also near Bodega, a great sandwich shop.

stephen adams

Apr 19, 2022

Ashley Hughes

Apr 14, 2022

Lovely working space with friendly staff/patrons and great amenities! I dropped in to work on a random Thursday and was welcomed by the owners and some of the regulars. The shared office space has ample natural lighting and two soundproof areas for private calls. Easy access on the city bus and right near all of the action. 10/10 would recommend.

Andy Bjork

Mar 10, 2022

Strong camaraderie and professionalism, yet friendly and casual enough to make every work day both enjoyable and productive.

Heath Hudgins

Mar 10, 2022

I’m one of those rare people who prefers to get out of the house for work and Office Evolution allows me to do that. I joined the coworking space a few months ago and don’t think I’ll ever fully work from home again.

Matt has done an amazing job jumping in and running the Charleston office and he’s one of the reasons I’ve kept coming back. The other folks in the office are also a reason to come in. Rather than be siloed in your own industry, you can come in and meet people doing work completely different from your own.

The office itself is nice because there are phone booths for calls, multiple different types of seating, meeting rooms, offices, etc. I plan to do some more traveling and working remote in the future and this office has opened my eyes to the ease of such travel. While I live here, this is also the perfect place for anyone who wants to vacation to Charleston and extend their trip a bit without using their vacation days.

Ed Glover

Dec 27, 2021

J Garth

Nov 30, 2021

Really cool rental office space. Located directly next to a parking deck, makes for secure parking. Rental prices are very reasonable and most cost effective compared to 6 other venus. They provide light snacks and waters for no additional cost!
Meeting rooms have TVs if needed, glass wall with a door. Semi private and quiet. Restrooms are clean. This will be a new favorite office meeting place for me! Worth checking out if you need temporary meeting space or quiet working space. Bring a long(10ft or longer) hdmi cord if needing to present on a tv.

Nick W.

Oct 26, 2021

Great place to work

Camilo Mantilla

Oct 15, 2021

Came here in a rush looking for a place to work during my short visit and was extremely surprised with the excellent facilities, along with superior staff and service in the King street location. They made sure my needs and questions were met, especially Andrew. Nice and laid back environment. I recommend this place and will definitely return if I need a space to work when in CHS. Thanks for the great service!

Sarah Williams-Scalise

Sep 21, 2021

Looking for a place to work for a day or meet for an hour? Maybe an escape from home to focus on work during the week or off-hours? All of this is why I enjoy working from Office Evolution. They have the amenities of a “normal” office environment with flexible options fit for all. I also can’t complain that I can walk there.

Nicole Florio

Sep 16, 2021

I use this downtown location to work and have client meetings and love it! It’s very professional and I think gives a great first impression to new clients. They are very helpful when I need anything and always are able to accommodate any business needs!

Sean Dambaugh

Sep 15, 2021

Christian Florio

Sep 08, 2021

Kasey Harwell

Aug 30, 2021

The staff is so friendly and helpful!

Richard Anthony

Aug 05, 2021

OfficeEvolution (Downtown Charleston) is a great office location, close biking distance to my house. Located on Upper King Street, there’s a lot to see and do before, during (lunch, etc), and after work. The office environment is very conducive to being a productive worker. They also offer breakfast every other Thursday and after work happy hours. The people here are wonderful!

Jordan Ilderton

Aug 04, 2021

The average rating for Office Evolution 4.9 stars on a 5.0 scale, with a total of
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