3 Cures to the Work from Home Blues for Charlotte Residents

Not too long ago, most of us could only dream of working from home. Now that many of us can take our office home inside a laptop bag, that seems like ancient history. These days, there are all kinds of options that make it easy to work from home in Charlotte, NC. Whether you’re running your own business, freelancing, or working remotely, it’s easier than ever to lose your commute and spend your workdays in your house or apartment.

As more people work from home throughout the Charlotte area, a number of them are finding it tougher than expected. Working and living in the same space might seem great at first, but after a while, you might find that you’re less productive, comfortable, and satisfied than you expected.

Wondering how you can make working from home more enjoyable? Here are three tips from the team at Office Evolution® Charlotte (Ballantyne),

1. Do You Work From Home? Try to Create a Better Work Environment

At Office Evolution Charlotte (Ballantyne), one of the biggest mistakes we see home-based professionals make is neglecting their home workspace. The quality of your work environment is almost always reflected in the quality of your work. By that, we don’t just mean your job performance, but also your job satisfaction. Without a space where you can be comfortable, motivated, and productive, your output and well-being are liable to suffer.

Rethinking your home workspace can have a much bigger impact on your work-life than you might think. So take the time to build a space that works for you. Focus on mood-boosting and productivity-friendly features like:

  • Functional organization
  • Ergonomic design
  • Plenty of light
  • Good air quality
  • Indoor plants

2. Rediscover the Outside World

Your home is supposed to be a cozy and comfortable place, but working from home can make it start to feel claustrophobic and alienating. Many people don’t realize how unnerving it can be to work alone in a house or apartment without anyone else around. At the same time, the lack of commute makes it easy to spend days at a time without leaving the house.

Finding ways to combat loneliness when working from home can take more effort than you might think. Consider rehauling your routine and weekly schedule, looking for ways that you can fight back against feelings of isolation. If you work from home in Charlotte, you might want to consider:

  • Attending local professional events
  • A daily walk to get fresh air
  • Spending more evenings with colleagues and friends
  • Using one day each weekend as a “retreat”
  • Joining local groups and organizations
  • Taking up an outdoor hobby

3. Try a Shared Workspace

Even if you normally love working from home, there are days where you need a change of pace. When this happens, a shared workspace membership can be invaluable. Joining a shared workspace gives you access to a focus-friendly space, one that’s designed for productivity. You also become part of a thriving professional community, one where you’re surrounded by a diverse set of skill sets and perspectives.

At Office Evolution Charlotte (Ballantyne), our shared workspace memberships give you 24/7 access to our coworking space, plus a range of additional benefits and amenities. We offer month-to-month and yearly memberships, perfect for anyone working from home in Ballantyne, South Charlotte, Pineville, Weddington, Blakeney, Matthews, Indian Trail, or Marvin, NC, or in Indian Land or Fort Mill, SC.

Beat the work from home blues with Office Evolution Charlotte (Ballantyne)! Call us today at 877-475-6300 to learn more about your membership options and claim one free hour of access to our coworking space.

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