3 Ways Cherry Creek Residents Can Beat the Work from Home Blues

It’s no big secret that technology has reshaped the modern workplace. For many of us, our laptop is our office. That’s making traditional workspaces less and less relevant. It also means more professionals are choosing to work from home — a trend we’re seeing unfold right here in Cherry Creek and the rest of the Denver metro area.

But as more people choose to work from home in Cherry Creek, many of them are discovering something they didn’t expect. As it turns out, working from home often isn’t the dream come true many people picture it being. Sometimes, it’s downright unenjoyable.

At Office Evolution® Cherry Creek, we know how rough working from home can sometimes get. But before you give up hope, you might want to try one of the following three tips to improve your work from home experience.

1. Do You Work From Home? Change Your Work Environment

Your work environment at home is completely under your control. So, it’s surprising that more work from home professionals don’t invest more time on the feel and functionality of their workspace. Not only will you enjoy each work day more, you’ll perform better while working.

Instead of working from your couch or your dining room table, create a dedicated home office space that follows principles of productive and ergonomic office design.

  • Make sure your chair, desk, monitor, and keyboard are all posture-friendly.
  • Create a workspace with minimal distractions and a clean work surface.
  • Take advantage of plants and natural light to boost your mood and productivity.
  • Organize your space to reduce clutter and give yourself easy access to important items.

2. Don’t Feel Confined to Your Home

Most people who work from home full-time find they sometimes need to grapple with loneliness. Few of us appreciate the place our workplace holds within our social life. But when your find yourself working at home all alone, the lack of human contact can be unnerving.

You might also start to feel a touch claustrophobic. After all, you’re spending almost all of your time inside the same space, and it’s suddenly much easier to go days without walking through your front door.

If you work from home in Cherry Creek, we recommend opening up space in your schedule for getting outside and seeing friends and colleagues. Increase your time in open space by taking a walk every day and make an effort to see more people on evenings and weekends.

3. Try a Shared Workspace

If working from home in Cherry Creek is less enjoyable than you’d like it to be, you might need to spend part of your workweek somewhere else. A coffee shop near your home or a public library might work until you need to take a critical call. An even better idea would be a shared workspace.

At Office Evolution® Cherry Creek, our coworking space is perfect for professionals who work from home in Cherry Creek, Glendale, Washington Park, and other nearby Denver neighborhoods. Our shared workspace memberships come with all kinds of amenities you won’t find at home, plus 24/7 access to our coworking space. You’ll discover a place where you can optimize your productivity, feed off the energy of other local professionals, and work on whatever schedule suits you best.

Cure the work from home blues at Office Evolution Cherry Creek. Get a free hour of coworking access and learn more about your membership options by calling 303-376-6225 today!

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