5 Things You Need in a Boardroom Rental in Cherry Creek

You can’t conduct a meeting without somewhere to meet. So if you’re hosting a meeting in southeast Denver, but you don’t have a boardroom to host it in, that’s a problem. In that case, you’ll want to start looking at local conference room rentals in Cherry Creek, CO, or a nearby neighborhood like Glendale or Washington Park.

Here at Office Evolution® Cherry Creek, we know how the right boardroom rental — or the wrong one — can impact professional meetings. So if you work from home in Cherry Creek, run a local small business with limited office space, or are visiting local clients from out of town, we want to help you find the right conferencing space for your needs.

If you’re looking for a boardroom for rent in or near Cherry Creek, here are five key features you should be considering.

Must-Haves When Renting a Boardroom

  1. Capacity. Different meeting room rental locations have different sizes of meeting rooms available. So it’s important that you choose a space with adequate capacity for your needs. If you’re having a one-on-one client meeting, a smaller space will do. But if you’re leading a major training session, you’ll need a much larger room.
  2. Design. A lot of factors go into a well-designed meeting room. Layout can impact meeting participants’ ability to communicate and subtle features like lighting, ergonomic furniture, and color scheme are proven to affect mental clarity, focus, mood, and productivity.
  3. Image. Design impacts more than the effectiveness of meetings — it also impacts how people perceive you and your business. If you’re meeting with a client or an investor, it’s important that you consider how the cleanliness, attractiveness, and character of your chosen meeting space could impact your reputation and relationships.
  4. Technology. If you’re planning on using special equipment during your meeting, you’ll need to make sure that you have access to the technology you need. Many conference room rentals have common meeting equipment available, but others may not.
  5. On-site services. On-site services, like meeting equipment availability, can vary from one meeting room rental to another. You’ll want to make sure that the location you choose has responsive on-site support staff, and you should check if they offer services like on-site reception or complimentary beverages if these will be important to you or other meeting participants.

Boardroom Rentals at Office Evolution Cherry Creek

If you’re looking for a meeting space in southeast Denver, we encourage you to start your search with Office Evolution Cherry Creek. We offer a range of meeting space options, including two boardrooms, seating up to eight guests, and a training room that accommodates up to 32 people. Located in Denver’s Cherry Creek neighborhood, minutes away from downtown, our meeting areas are professionally furnished and fully equipped to meet the conferencing needs of local professionals and businesses.

Learn more about our boardroom and training space rentals today by calling Office Evolution Cherry Creek at 303-376-6225.