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Growing Your Business or Career in 2021

The world keeps spinning and we’re already nearly halfway done with another year. While time marches on, the economy does too, and it won’t wait for you and your business to catch up. Here are some ways business owners and professional services companies can embrace 2021 and pave the way for business success for many years ahead. 

Build New Professional Relationships and Nurture Existing Ones

Social distancing and our newly-embraced work-from-home mentality doesn’t have to stop you from building important professional relationships this year. Networking is as important as ever as other business-minded folks create clever solutions to the unique challenges of the modern work world. Find platforms on which to network with other creators, professional services executives, business leaders, and business owners. You can also build a network with potential customers and colleagues on digital platforms such as social media, online learning conferences, and seminars or by connecting with other business professionals at a local coworking spaces near you and networking events. 

Your existing working relationships deserve some nurturing, too. Your team has made it through the initial speed bumps of working from home (or elsewhere) and has supported your business along the way. Not only is that worth celebrating, it’s also meaningful to continue building the strengths of your team and addressing shortcomings with group activities and events. Whether that’s virtually or in a rented conference space or meeting room, it’s important and will pay off in the long term for both your business success and employee job satisfaction. 

Keeping your employees engaged are super important, too. Internal marketing channels such as internal email marketing and content marketing are good sources to keep employees informed about company developments and improve their industry knowledge.

In summary, focus your efforts on building and growing relationships with potential clients, loyal customers, and internal teams to close the digital gap.

Get Organized With The Right Workspace

Many of us still struggle to set up a dedicated work-from-home environment that encourages productivity and efficiency. While we’ve all been resourceful in keeping businesses running within the workspace and conditions available to us, it might not be the most inspiring workspace to work from. Some businesses are now confronted with the changing landscape of remote working and pivoting to a new business model that embraces digital technologies and distant collaboration.

Whether it’s setting up a better or bigger home office, upgrading office furniture for the work-from-home environment, or finding an office space that allows for concentration and focus, finding the best workspace is becoming increasingly important. 

Coworking spaces, office spaces for rent (large and small), and conference room rentals are great options for an “all-inclusive” business environment that can help you grow and scale your startup, business, or professional services career. It’s especially attractive for corporate professionals since it can provide flexible access to a professional setting with some much needed quiet and concentration time to get important projects, tasks, or meetings completed.

Office Evolution in Clark, NJ offers flexible office space designed to meet your individual or organizational needs. Our ready-to-work office space provides you with all the tools and equipment for you to deliver your best work and minimize the distractions and clutter. If you’re in Clark, NJ or surrounding areas in Cranford NJ, Westfield NJ, Rahway NJ, Springfield NJ, Millburn NJ, Maplewood NJ, Edison NJ, Woodbridge NJ, Iselin NJ and other surrounding areas, schedule a free tour here

Upgrade your IT

Organizing the right workspace for your business includes having reliable and updated technology available to you. If you’re still working with an unstable internet connection or unreliable software that needs to be updated, you’re looking at stagnation for your business or professional career in 2021. Online business seems to be trending ever upward, carrying us economically at full speed ahead. If you’re struggling to keep up, it’s time to leave your internet provider behind.

Upgrading your personal computer might be necessary if you’re still struggling to maintain a connection or reliable upload and download speeds. Many office spaces for rent offer fast, reliable connectivity for your workspace as part of the rental package. These spaces are reliable and convenient for those one or two days per week when you can’t trust your home internet service, or weekly as an option for stable connectivity and all the amenities you miss from the corporate work world.

Automate and Outsource Repetitive and Tedious Tasks

While we’re on the topic of tech, 2021 might be the year you finally consider automated software and services for your business or day-to-day professional services. Software as a Service (SaaS) companies are now highly accessible and user friendly and can be used to automate all kinds of business processes, like personnel actions, payroll, email marketing campaigns, customer service, client services, social media marketing, social media advertising, and much more thanks to artificial intelligence. If your daily task list has grown beyond the capabilities of your staff and tools, SaaS might be an easy solution for some of those that require tedious attention to detail and more man-hours than they’re worth.

In the same token, AI automation has also become widely available and accessible for small businesses and medium-sized business and carries many of the same benefits by those SaaS dedicated to enterprise companies. Artificial Intelligence services offer automation for many of the same tasks as mentioned above and can employ deep-learning models to better understand the unique needs of your organization. Networking with other business-minded professionals will quickly reveal just how many are reaping the benefits of AI automation, and how easy it is to use today. Therefore, implementing a SaaS-based AI technology will improve the effectiveness of your marketing strategy, client services, search engines, and many other communication channels. 

Be The Business Leader You’ve Always Been

Uncertainty is one of the only constants in the business world. Grabbing on to the next rung of the ladder and continuing the journey upward is one way to keep your business successful, no matter what’s ahead. But don’t forget to look beyond the short-term growth of your income and toward the challenges in the distant future. As a business strategist, consider how you can continue to attract potential customers, guide existing consumers toward the future you want to envision for them, and scale your organization or career to the milestones you set. A good start point is the business plan. 

Whether you’re preparing to launch a startup or have been nurturing and growing a medium-sized business for several years, the space you choose to represent and inspire you matters. Flexibility in where and how we work has become a requirement of the working world, as we adapt and overcome challenges we couldn’t imagine only a decade ago. Office Evolution recognizes this need, and like you, is working to solve operational challenges well into the future. With collaborative shared workspaces, private offices, meeting rooms, and conference rooms, we offer you the flexibility and inspiration you’ll need to troubleshoot the challenges of tomorrow, today. 



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