The Perks of Shared Office Space in Clark

At Office Evolution® Westfield-Cranford-Clark, we offer a number of private offices for small business owners and independent professionals in the Clark, NJ area. But unlike some of the other small office rentals that you can find in Clark, NJ, we offer shared office space rentals. This means that in addition to renting your own private office, you’re also getting access to a range of shared features.

This has made us a popular choice for entrepreneurs and professionals in Clark, Westfield, and Cranford. With a typical small office, you’re renting little more than a bare room and a door. At Office Evolution Westfield-Cranford-Clark, you get a fully furnished office, plus the shared spaces, resources, and amenities of a larger workplace.

What Shared Office Space Means at Office Evolution Westfield-Cranford-Clark

Shared Services

One of the perks of shared office space is that it makes certain resources more affordable on a per-person basis. So if you’re renting a private office in Clark by yourself, services like a live receptionist can be pricey. But at Office Evolution Westfield-Cranford-Clark, each office comes with live telephone answering plan and a business address plan.

Shared Spaces

When you work at a shared office, your workspace doesn’t end at the door to your office. At our business center, members enjoy 24/7 access to our business lounge. They also enjoy $60 worth of time in our meeting rooms each month, with generous discounts on additional time.

Shared Amenities

We want you to be as focused and productive as possible at our shared office. So we provide amenities to make your workday easier, like free parking and complimentary coffee/tea. Guests to our business center also enjoy these amenities, making us the perfect place to host meetings with clients and colleagues.

Shared Community

Our business center is centrally located in Clark, making us a popular work destination for professionals in Clark, Westfield, Scotch Plains, Cranford, and the rest of Union County. And because we attract people from a wide range of fields and backgrounds, we’re the perfect place to network with local professionals.

Shared Mission

Shared office space rentals in Clark tend to attract independent professionals, sole proprietors, and bootstrapping entrepreneurs — some of the most dynamic and creative people working today. That gives these workplaces a contagious level of hustle and enthusiasm.

Learn more about our shared office space rentals in Clark, NJ by calling Office Evolution Westfield-Cranford-Clark today at (908) 356-5300.


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