What You Get at Our Coworking Space in Clark

If you’re a freelancer, remote worker, or entrepreneur in Clark, NJ, you’ve likely thought about joining a coworking space. This way, you can enjoy a more productive and professional workspace than a home office or your local coffee shop. At the same time, you’ll be spending a fraction of what it costs to rent a private office in Clark.

Until recently, professionals in Clark had to look elsewhere if they wanted to join a shared workspace. But with the opening of Office Evolution Westfield-Cranford-Clark, that’s no longer the case. Located at 100 Walnut Ave., our coworking space offers everything you need in a modern, flexible workspace.

The Perks of Our Coworking Space

Our Workspaces

At this point, there’s no excuse for poor workspace design. Yet many businesses — including some coworking centers — ignore best practices for workspace design. That’s not an issue at Office Evolution Westfield-Cranford-Clark. We’ve carefully designed our coworking space to optimize focus, productivity, and professional performance. We also offer a mix of work areas, so that you can choose the space best suited to your work habits or the task at hand.

Our Resources

A coworking space membership at Office Evolution Westfield-Cranford-Clark gives you access to a range of onsite resources. These include use of our office kitchen, access to printing, scanning, and copying services, plus onsite support throughout the work week from our Business Center Manager. You’ll also get complimentary Wi-Fi access, free coffee and tea, along with discounts on day office and meeting room rentals.

Our Services

Want to operate a virtual office in Clark, NJ? We make that easy with a Professional Plan or Professional Plan Plus. These plans cover everything included in a Shared Workspace Plan, along with additional features like:

  • Nationwide access to Office Evolution coworking spaces
  • $60 of day office or meeting room time each month
  • Business mailing address and secure onsite mailbox
  • Parcel reception and management services
  • Live telephone answering services

Our Community

One of the underrated benefits of working in a coworking space is the community. Shared workspaces like Office Evolution Westfield-Cranford-Clark attract members from wide-ranging backgrounds, including freelancers, remote workers, and entrepreneurs. This makes coworking an ideal opportunity to expand your professional network.

Our Location

Office Evolution Westfield-Cranford-Clark is ideally located for professionals and small business owners in Union County. Our offices in Clark are just a short drive away from Westfield, Cranford, and Scotch Plains, and within walking distance of Clark Commons.

Our Flexible Agreements

Want to try our coworking space without signing a long-term contract? No problem! Our month-to-month agreements give you all of the flexibility and freedom you need.

Call (848) 666-1577 to learn more about our Shared Workspace memberships and book a tour of our coworking space in Clark, NJ!

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