3 Reasons why there's more to Shared Workspaces than just work

3 reasons why there’s more to shared workspaces than just work

Work as we know it is changing. With an emerging shared economy and the advent of technologies that allow us to work from almost anywhere, many self-employed professionals and entrepreneurs are discovering that sometimes, working from home can be a little lacking: not much social interaction nor professional networking.

So, it probably makes sense that communal shared workspaces have boomed in the last few years, catering to these independent professionals who crave the community and perks that are missing from working at home. But there’s more to it than just having a nicer space to work in. If you’re already working from home or from a café, and are curious, here are a few surprising reasons to try coworking out, and why the burgeoning coworking movement can benefit local communities as well.

1. Coworking spaces can be built like intentional communities.

Perhaps one of the main reasons why people join coworking spaces is to feel less isolated. Coworking spaces can provide not only inspiring, shared office spaces and amenities like real meeting rooms, they can also help people network, swap skills and build their businesses in an organic way — something that’s much more difficult if you’re working from home.

2. Better work-life balance.

Another big reason for going down the coworking path is flexibility and a better work-life balance. Without the need to be tied to a specific place and time to work, many location-independent professionals now have more options to balance work with play.

But why work where you live if you can take your work with you and travel? The rapid growth of co-working hubs around the world are fueling an emerging trend where some entrepreneurs, self-employed digital nomads and remote professionals are opting for what’s called a ‘startup retreat’, ‘co-working retreat’, ‘co-working vacation’ or a ‘co-workation’ — a more structured, exotic version of a regular co-working space membership, one could say.

3. Coworking spaces offer attractive perks.

Much has been written about how this generation’s young people value perks when it comes to choosing a place of employment, and that’s no different when it comes to selecting a shared office space. Many of these new, communal workplaces offer in-house gyms, yoga classes, climbing walls, playgrounds and one even has its own plant army. And if you only want women in your coworking tribe? Fear not, there are spaces for you, too.

It’s an evolution of working and shared workspaces are giving their members much more than a desk. Networking, through the contact and sharing of ideas with professionals and companies from different areas of activity. Both events and spaces like the Lounge favor informal conversations around the coffee machine, which often result in contacts and business opportunities among coworkers. That’s the key.

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