When You Cannot Invite Clients to Your Home

Many homebased business owners have printed their address on all their materials and often ask themselves, “how do I keep clients from coming to my home?” In many homebased businesses, especially when children are being, well, simply children, homes are not ‘do drop in’ zones! While such homebased business owners are glad to be available by phone, e-mail, instant messaging and so on, for different personal reasons require the privacy of their homes. They need to find some really good places to meet with clients.

Public places are not always the best option

  • Starbucks offers more than coffee and some plush chairs are comfortable environments for talking business while sipping java; however, it’s not completely free as you do have to pay for the coffee.
  • Bookstores could work too and many of them are expanding their wireless capabilities, which could make a presentation viable.
  • Public libraries are often overlooked places to meet for quality conversations with clients, but you do need to be very quiet.

While these public places may sound workable and even appealing, they are not conducive to having in-depth discussions due to a noisy environment or an energetic presentation due to a quite environment. More importantly, they all lack a professional atmosphere, which will adversely impact your professional credibility.

To solve the dilemma of where to hold client meetings

Meeting spaces are always available at Office Evolution Columbus with 2 locations in Dublin and Easton Town Center. Office Evolution Columbus has recognized the need for small businesses and road warriors to have attractive offices available on short notice. Do a search engine query on ‘executive meeting space rental’ or ‘office space’ plus the location where you want to meet (Dublin OH or Easton Columbus OH) and you’ll find us.

Everyone needs a strong foundation and support system to accomplish their goals. Whether you need a professional mailing address, an office for 1 hour, a conference room with TV screens for your presentations, or simply front office presence, Office Evolution Columbus with locations in Dublin and Easton, is equipped with the engine that can drive you toward your desired outcome. Virtual Office Solutions are ready for you starting day one. We provide you with business support so you can focus on achieving success.

Don’t invite clients into your home; instead, try Office Evolution Columbus the next time you have an important get-together. The irony of getting out of your house to meet with clients is that often you’ll find new prospective clients there as well. How’s that for a delicious extra benefit?

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