3 Tips on Renting a Temporary Office in Worthington

Over the past few years, we’ve seen heavy demand for temporary office space in Columbus near Worthington, Westerville, Lewis Center, and the rest of north greater Columbus. This mirrors a nationwide trend, in which demand for short term office space has surged in recent years.

When you consider recent changes, it’s easy to see why temporary office rentals are in high demand among professionals, startups, and established businesses. Cloud computing and digital technologies have made it easier than ever to shift from one workspace to another. At the same time, markets are becoming more fluid and volatile, which discourages businesses from long term lease agreements.

Temporary and short term rentals give businesses the perfect combination of flexibility and functionality. But while the decision to rent a temporary office at Crosswoods in north Columbus may be an easy choice, the choice of where to rent a temporary office near Worthington can be a little more difficult.

Looking for guidance? Here are three tips on how to navigate the Worthington and North Columbus market for temporary office space.

Focus on Functionality in a Temporary Office

In the world of short term office space rentals, interior design is one of the most popular — and most effective — marketing tools used by office owners and managers. Modern furniture, chic fixtures, and open concept layouts give the impression of a fun and dynamic work environment.

But in their effort to appear as trendy as possible, many of these spaces forget their main purpose as a workspace. By designing their offices for aesthetics first, these offices make productivity a secondary consideration. So when you’re looking for a temporary office in Worthington, make sure that you’re evaluating each space primarily in terms of functionality. That doesn’t mean you should settle for an eyesore, but if a space looks more like an artist’s loft than a professional work environment, be wary.

Reduce Upfront Expenses and Time Costs

If you want to rent office space for a day, it’s imperative that you find a space that’s fully outfitted for your use. If a critical piece of furniture or equipment is missing, or the rental fails to include critical utilities like internet access, the workspace you rented won’t be much use. Even if you’re renting a temporary office in Worthington for several weeks or months, you should be looking for a space that’s either ready for use, or as close to it as possible. On a short term rental, upfront expenses and time costs fall heavier than they would on a long term lease.

Cost Limitations? Explore Your Options in Worthingon

A temporary office can lead to major savings compared to a traditional, long term office lease. But if you’re already stretching your budget, even a short term rental can be tough to make work. When costs are an issue, it’s a good idea to start looking at alternative workspace solutions. If you’re looking to rent office space month-to-month, for example, you could join a coworking space in Columbus near Worthington instead.

A coworking membership offers many of the same benefits as a temporary office for less cost. You get 24/7 access to a high-quality workspace, use of shared office equipment and resources, plus any professional amenities that come standard at facility you choose. And if you need a private workspace now and then, you may be able to rent a day office at a discount.

Looking for a temporary office or a short term office space rental in north greater Columbus? Call Office Evolution® Worthington at (614) 985-3605 today for detailed information on our day office rentals, month-to-month office rentals, and coworking memberships.