6 Advantages of a Virtual Receptionist in Worthington

As a small business owner or an independent professional, it’s hard finding time for incoming phone calls or for answering voicemails. While a personal receptionist might be outside your budget, we have the perfect low-cost alternative at Office Evolution® Worthington OH: a virtual receptionist service.

Our virtual answering service allows you to focus on your most important tasks, while our team of live agents handles your incoming phone traffic. You save time and money, while your clients receive a better customer service experience.

Unsure if a virtual answering service is the right fit for your business? Below, we’ve compiled six key advantages to a virtual receptionist plan at Office Evolution Worthington.

Advantages of a Virtual Receptionist in Worthington

  1. Confident Professional Image. When a client phones your business and their call goes to voicemail, you’re sending the wrong kind of customer service signals. With a virtual answering service, every incoming phone call is handled by a friendly live agent, ensuring you project a polished, professional, and confident image.
  2. Fewer Mid-Task Distractions. A live answering service that includes call screening can help you weed out distracting, unwanted phone calls during your workday. Instead of having your focus disrupted by calls from telemarketers, you can maintain concentration and productivity.
  3. Affordable Call Management. The alternative to a virtual answering service is to hire a receptionist as a full-time employee. In the Worthington area, that typically costs more than $30,000 per year. A virtual receptionist is a much more affordable investment, with plans starting around $149 a month.
  4. Reduced Admin Work. Acting as your own receptionist can result in a cluttered workweek, filled with busywork and low-priority administrative tasks. A call answering service reduces these tasks, freeing up time for more important work. Even a basic live answering plan can save you 2+ hours every workweek.
  5. Virtual Office Operations. A live answering service makes it easy to operate a virtual office, which has become a popular (and cost-conscious) alternative to renting a dedicated workspace. Office Evolution Worthington makes things even easier, providing a dedicated local phone number for your business or setting up our service for an existing phone number.
  6. Professional Resources. If you operate a virtual office, you may want to upgrade to our Professional Plan Plus, which comes with our live answering service, plus a range of additional resources for professionals in Worthington. These include a business address plan, meeting room rental discounts, a coworking membership, and nationwide access to Office Evolution business centers.

Phone answering services from Office Evolution Worthington are ideal for businesses and professionals based in Worthington OH, as well as those in nearby areas like Westerville and Lewis Center. Learn more about virtual receptionist plans and pricing by calling us today at (614) 985-3605.

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