Shared Workspace versus Traditional Offices

It’s no secret that COVID-19 has thrown a wrench into the business world. Budgets have recalibrated, many workplaces have gone partially or fully remote, and companies of all sizes have come up with new ways of working. Amid all this change, you may have been asking: Is paying for office space worth it? 

Some people have speculated that offices will become obsolete. Others believe that the isolation felt during this pandemic demonstrates precisely why we need physical spaces in which to gather. 

So perhaps “is office space worth it” is the wrong question.

Instead, we ought to be asking: What makes office space worth it? 

Maybe you want a place to escape to so you can focus and get a change of scenery. Maybe camaraderie and connection make the cost of a shared office worth it for your team. 

Whatever your unique priorities are, the point is we all want a place to work that supports us in achieving our goals and provides tangible value. 

With that in mind, we’ve put together a list of tips to make sure you’re getting the most out of your workspace. We’ll look at some frequently untapped benefits of coworking and shared offices, and even some ways to use a shared workspace membership to strengthen your business. 

Shared Workspace Versus Traditional Offices

Before we jump into specific tips, let’s clarify how shared workspace functions differently than a traditional office — and why it can be particularly beneficial as we move into a new normal. 

Shared Workspace refers to a workspace style in which people from different companies share a common workplace, as opposed to every company maintaining its own office. A key feature of this model is that companies do not have to procure and maintain all of their office resources on their own. There are multiple benefits to this, which we’ll explain next. 

Common Benefits of Share Workspace

  1. The built-in service of a shared workspace allows companies to offload a significant chunk of logistics and office management, thus freeing them up to focus on their core business. 
  2. By pooling resources, companies or self-employed individuals can access all sorts of amenities that they wouldn’t be able to either afford or feasibly maintain on their own. 
  3. Working in a shared environment also opens up all kinds of opportunities when it comes to establishing personal and business connections
  4. Shared workspace providers act as middlemen between building owners and workspace users, which means that companies don’t have to sign long-term leases when they join a coworking space. Instead, they typically sign up for memberships that run on short-term (e.g. month-to-month) agreements. In this way, coworking provides the flexibility to grow, shrink, or close an office according to real-time needs. 

Make Your Workspace Work for You

Shared Workspace has surged in popularity in recent years because of its flexibility, convenience, and added value beyond the traditional workspace. During particularly challenging or lean times, these features of coworking can benefit you and your business more than ever — especially if you know what you’re looking for.

From networking opportunities to business discounts, many coworking memberships come with resources that allow you to work more smoothly and effectively. Look at a coworking provider’s website, email them with questions, or ask support staff directly for more insight onto the specifics of their offerings.

By being a smart user of your workspace, you can ensure that your workspace works for you during COVID-19.

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