Member Reviews for Cypress (Cy-Fair)

Dana Baasiri

Jun 23, 2022

Absolutely loved everything about this Office Evolution! Not only are they conveniently and centrally located with free parking, and plenty of restaurants nearby, but the building (and offices) look brand new. A great first impression, especially if you are hosting a meeting or presentation. Mitzy and her husband were extremely responsive, welcoming and very hospitable. The offices are beautiful and offer many options whether you’re working solo, with a team, or presenting to an important client. The amenities are great, with refreshments, coffee, strong WiFi, white boards for brainstorming sessions, TV connections, you name it. 100% highly recommend!

Tim Hassall

Jun 22, 2022

Office Evolution in Jacksonville Bartram is a great shared office space, offering private offices and board rooms for meetings. The Business Center Manager Rita Slack is fantastic! She answers any questions you have about the space, assisting anyone who comes in for an appointment with any of the professionals that work out of Office Evolution, and is always very welcoming at the front door when you come in. I highly recommend Office Evolution at Jacksonville Bartram.

Ethan Schwartz

Jun 21, 2022

This is a great space to work with a nice break room and good air conditioning. The staff is very friendly and I have had a good experience during my time here.

Dino B

Jun 20, 2022

John Balkcom

Jun 17, 2022

Lovely space with a gracious welcome, although the fancy coffee machine was not dispensing milk into its coffee drinks

Iain Ibernhof

Jun 16, 2022

Friendly service, excellent space.

Doug Thomas

Jun 15, 2022

Well kept with a nice kitchen facility. Very comfortable place to get work done.


Jun 11, 2022

When Office Evolution came in and took over this business center, they did a significant remodel of the suite, making my personal experience so profoundly better. Using as a drop in office for clients in the Inland Empire, I was no longer hesitant to have clients come to my office there. From day one, the new Business Center manager for Office Evolution, Juan Montes De Oca, took great care to make sure all tenants and my clients were well taken care of, providing a superb level of customer service. Technology was upgrade over time, accommodating me and my company for whatever was needed to better conduct our business. Pricing was very fair and reasonable comparatively with other similar Business Centers. Covid resulted in my work being done virtually from our Main Office in Orange County, creating no further need for our presence with Office Evolution in Ontario. I do not hesitate to recommend Office Evolution to anyone needing such services, and I will personally not hesitate to reestablish membership with Juan and Office Evolution in the future, if needed. Well run, first class facility!

David Laine M.R.C., CRC, CCM
Regain, Inc.

Martin Romero

Jun 10, 2022

Britta Williams

Jun 09, 2022

Really enjoy working at this co-working space. Everything is clean and tidy and other coworkers are all friendly. Rita in the front office is super helpful as well!

Paulene B

Jun 08, 2022

This location was clean and the staff is so nice. The kitchen is great and is stocked with coffee, vending machines, and appliances like a toaster and microwave. They also provide a shuttle to the public transportation included in the price. Overall very satisfied.

Alla Lather

Jun 08, 2022

Let me tell you if your looking for a office without all the headaches you need to check out Office Evolution and see Mimi. She made this simple and easy and stress free. I can honestly say Mimi was a prayers being answered, I was under such stress and panic and she eliminated all my headaches. I feel very blessed to have found her and Office Evolution. Forever grateful

Zanele Mashaba

Jun 07, 2022

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Alex Escobar

Jun 03, 2022

Great location and extremely friendly and helpful staff! I am so glad I chose them over Regus. There are many shops and restaurants being built, which makes even more attractive and definitely adds value.

Roseline Killings

Jun 02, 2022

Very Professional and helpful staff, also very beautiful executive offices and conference rooms.

Angela Freed

Jun 02, 2022

Office Evolution in Carmel is a beautiful co-working office. The staff are kind, friendly and professional. I highly recommend them!

Ray Stuart

May 31, 2022

Nice comfortable place to co-work.

Sanele Cele

May 30, 2022

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Chuck Dinise

May 26, 2022

Juan gets things done in a timely manner. Still having some issues with doors being locked too early.

Loreen O’Moore

May 25, 2022

I am so happy I found Office Evolutions! I have been there for almost 2 years. It is more than an office feeling. It Feels like a family. Dawn is amazing always goes above and beyond. I know my business is safe and well cared for because Dawn is there. A great place!

Carol Ward

May 24, 2022

My clients and I loved the experience we had at Office Evolution from start to finish. Tina is AWESOME! She made it easy to do business with OE and made us all feel welcome. I’m coming back next time I’m in town. Plus, I’m recommending OE to others!

Matt Huberfeld

May 23, 2022

A member since 2019, Office Evolution Peal River is a great place to work from. Especially, being an entrepreneur. Whether you rent a private office, or a shared-space there is always a clean and quiet spot to work. Both Joy and Patti take incredible care of all of their members & guests. I’m appreciative for all they have done for me and my growing business.

Max Payne

May 17, 2022

S Holland

May 17, 2022

Very impressed with this place!

Daniel Cardona

May 11, 2022

Very helpful staff. The place is well maintained and very organized. Very happy with my experience.

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