3 Ways to Beat the Work from Home Blues in Denver

The past decade or so has seen a seismic change in the way Denver works. That includes a huge shift in where Denver works. Now that practically every worker has a laptop and smartphone, the spatial limits of the modern workplace have melted away. More and more professionals in the Denver metro area now work from home, mirroring a trend that’s played out nationwide.

But as Denver’s population of home-based workers has risen, a second, less noticeable change has followed. At Office Evolution® Downtown Denver, we sometimes call this change the “work from home blues.” Simply put, we’ve heard more and more professionals tell us that working from home in Denver just isn’t that enjoyable.

If you’re experiencing the work from home blues, here are three tried-and-tested tips from the team at Office Evolution Downtown Denver.

1. Reconsider Your Home Workspace

Your work environment plays a huge role in productivity, health, and happiness. It’s why modern businesses sink huge amounts of money into workspace design. Similarly, it’s why the team at Office Evolution Denver worked so hard to find and design a location where members of our coworking community could do their best work.

For some reason, many work from home professionals don’t spend that much time on the design of their workspace. Some of us take a “good enough” approach to our home office. Others simply open up their laptop wherever seems most comfortable.

A lot of the time, the work from home blues can be cured by making sure your home workspace follows the principles of healthy, productive design. These include:

  • Posture-friendly furniture
  • Ergonomic desk layout
  • Distraction-free work surface
  • Natural light
  • Office plants

2. See More Friends, Get More Fresh Air

Another reason people dislike doing their job from home is the sense of isolation it creates. A lot of the time, you end up feeling confined and boxed in by your home. You’re all alone during your workdays, and you spend 80% to 90% of your time inside the same four walls. Some days, you never go further than the mailbox.

It can take a concerted effort to overcome the loneliness and claustrophobia that some people develop when they work from home. That means making sure you find time in your schedule to get outside and see other people. Use a work break each day for a walk outside. Set up an alternative workspace on your balcony or patio. Find more time on evenings and weekends for seeing friends and colleagues.

3. Try a Shared Workspace

Sometimes, the best way to make working from home in Denver more enjoyable is to find an alternative space where you can spend parts of your workweek. That could be a nearby coffee shop or library. But your best option might be joining a coworking space. With a shared workspace, you get access to a space that’s designed for productivity, where you can feed off the energy of other professionals, and where you can work how you want, when you want.

At Office Evolution Downtown Denver, work from home professionals get access to all of this and more. Based in Denver’s historic LoDo district, our shared workspace offers amenities like complimentary Wi-Fi, discounts on meeting space, access to office equipment, and 24/7 access to our coworking area.

Join the coworking community at Office Evolution Downtown Denver and say so long to the work from home blues. Get a free hour of shared workspace access by calling 303-447-6876 today!

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