Educating The Public, Helping the Everyman

Member Spotlight: An Interview with Michael Pippenger of Pippenger Hedberg Law, LLC.

The Law has grown and changed over the years, and some people believe that it has gotten too complicated for a non-lawyer to understand, that’s why a Denver area lawyer is trying to help educate the public about the modern law.

It’s Michael Pippenger of Pippenger and Hedberg Law, LLC. Mike has been a member for since 2013.  He and his business partner – Brian Hedberg (whom he met at Office Evolution) – are working to educate the public about the law, and providing legal services to area clients.

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Tell us a little about your organization and what you do.

My name is Mike Pippenger, my business is Pippenger Hedberg Law, LLC. I have a small law firm with my partner Brian Hedberg.  We specialize in civil litigation and a lot of transaction on the business side.  We do wills, trusts, and estates for folks and help you fight off a bad contractor or someone that’s trying to say that you owe them money.  

We also have a large component of our business that focuses on educating the public. We do a “Simple Will” seminar, which is an afternoon long seminar we do for fairly inexpensive prices to try and help folks out who don’t need a large, complex estate plan; they just need a simple will.

What sets you apart from everyone else in your industry?

We really focus on the educational side of the legal field.  Both my partner and I feel the law has gotten too complicated for everyday folks. We want to spend a lot of time explaining how things work and making sure our clients understand how things work so that they can make better decisions about how they want to move forward, whether it be with litigation or creating a will, or anything in between.  If you don’t understand it, you can’t make the best decision. 

So I think that’s really one of the things that sets us apart is our desire to really educate our clients on what’s going on.

What are Your Best Business Tips?

  • Business Tip #1- Be Responsive

    Be responsive to your clients, and not just your current clients, but your potential clients as well. I think in today’s electronic age, it’s really easy to jump online and get a list of attorneys that do whatever it is that you’re looking to do. If you’re not responsive to that client, if you don’t get back in touch with them or take their call right when they attempt to reach out to you, you’re going to lose that business.  They’re going to move on to the next person down the list. 

    I think the same goes for your current clients as well, not just potential clients.  If you’re not responding to your current clients and what their needs are, they don’t necessarily know that you’re actually working for them, and they’re just as likely to move on to the next business down the line.

  • Business Tip #2- Try Before You Buy

    I recommend trying out a couple of attorneys. I think one of the things people do is they get roped in to talking to the first attorney that’s been referred to them, and if you don’t find an attorney that you trust, that you get along with, that you’re comfortable that they have knowledge in the area that you’re working with them on- it makes the entire relationship a lot harder. I think for clients, it’s important to make sure they have a fit with the attorney they’re talking to and they feel comfortable moving on to another attorney down the line if they don’t.

What has been your experience with Office Evolution?

I’ve been at Office Evolution for a little over three years now, I absolutely love it here, I love the environment, I love this particular office in downtown Denver, I think it has fantastic character and I get great comments on it all the time from my clients. I really like that there’s multiple offices around the metro area, that works very well for me in a smaller firm environment, being able to meet with clients on their own turf wherever that may be, whether it’s in Golden or Boulder or the DTC. I can tell them, “I’ll meet you at my office down there” and I can show up whenever I need to, and I know that the staff that I approach down there is going to be professional and friendly and show my clients that it’s seamless, and I really enjoy that. 

The other thing I really like about Office Evolution is their flexibility.  They’ve really worked with me over the years as I’ve grown my business. It’s gone from one person to two people and we bring in additional attorneys and interns and other folks and Office Evolution has been really flexible in their working with us, whether we need an extra cube that day or a larger office or a smaller office, whatever it may be.

The Office Evolution – Evolution!

I met my business partner here.  About 3 years ago it was Pippenger Law, now it’s Pippenger Hedberg Law.  Brian Hedberg had his own law firm at Office Evolution as well. We kept hiring each other to help each other out.  Finally, we decided to merge our firms. 

But even beyond that, there’s a CPA firm in here (Office Evolution in Downtown Denver).  They’re fantastic folks and I work with them all the time trying to help my clients out and trying to help their clients out. 

It’s a nice community, we have cocktail hours and things like that, where we get to meet the other folks that work in this office, and they’re a real resource for when I have questions about things that maybe I don’t know about or maybe I need a referral for one of my clients. I can’t say enough about the staff here locally, the administrative staff here locally is just fantastic, and a big reason as to why I stay here.

If you’d like to get in touch with Mike and learn more about his law firm and law education program, visit Pippenger Hedberg’s website at or call (303)665-8660. 

For more information about Office Evolution and how we can help you get an furnished office for your business, visit our website at or call 877-475-6300.