Member Spotlight: Thistle Community Housing at Office Evolution Front Range

Thistle Community Housing stands out as a beacon of affordable housing in Boulder County dedicated to developing, managing, and preserving quality, affordable homes, playing a pivotal role in supporting moderate and lower-income families. With a small team of nine people under the leadership of Tim Townsend, Thistle Community Housing is deeply committed to its mission and the community it serves. With a recent shift in their organization’s geographical structure came an opportunity to move one department into Denver, where the majority of their team resides now.

Shortly after meeting with the Office Evolution team it was a no-brainer for them to call Office Evolution Denver their new home. The welcoming and accommodating response from the OE team right from the start made it a no-brainer for them to join the Office Evolution family. Thistle operates on a flexible hybrid schedule, typically working in-office one to two days from Monday through Thursday, which suits their dynamic work style perfectly.

Connecting Over Shared Principles

There’s a natural synergy between the principles of community housing and the collaborative ethos of coworking. “In community housing, we often work with low-income groups to help them purchase and manage their housing cooperatively. This isn’t far off from the coworking space ethos, where respect and collaboration with your neighbors are key,” Tim Townsend, noted. This connection extends to potential project collaborations that can arise from simple day-to-day interactions in a shared workspace.

Tackling the Housing Challenge

Before their move to Office Evolution, Thistle was already well-known for its efforts in affordable housing and making homeownership more attainable. The main challenge lies in expanding these opportunities amidst a low inventory of affordable homes in the state. “Our Thistle ROC program, now based here at Office Evolution, focuses on expanding support to mobile home communities across Colorado, helping them with ownership acquisitions and educational resources about their rights,” they shared.

Coworking spaces like Office Evolution contribute significantly to these initiatives. “Being in a collaborative environment opens up numerous possibilities for creative partnerships that can help advance our mission,” they add.

Building and Fostering Community

Community building is crucial for Thistle. “We spend a lot of time helping communities to organize and come together towards the common goal of affordable housing. As these communities move towards becoming Resident Owned Communities, the bond between neighbors strengthens, building a stronger overall community” Tim shared.

First Impressions and Looking Ahead

The team is thrilled with their new workspace. “The space is fantastic! All the meeting rooms are top-notch, equipped with solid technology that helps us connect easily with coworkers and outside organizations,” they remarked enthusiastically.

As for what’s on the horizon for Thistle in 2024, they are looking to engage with more communities across Colorado. Their goals are ambitious but clear: “We aim to continue expanding affordable housing options and ensure the communities we help are successful in their ownership while maintaining safe environments.”

Words of Wisdom for Coworking Newcomers

As pioneers at Office Evolution Denver, Thistle has some advice for other teams considering a move to coworking spaces. “We highly recommend joining Office Evolution Denver. Located in the heart of Denver, the office has everything you need for daily operations, and the staff are incredible to work with!”

This feature is part of our ongoing series to highlight members of the Office Evolution community, showcasing the transformative impact of coworking spaces on businesses and community initiatives. Join us and discover how your business can also thrive in this vibrant coworking environment.