Free COVID-19 Testing for Fishers Residents

Across the street from Office Evolution Fishers on Municipal Drive, the City of Fishers is offering free COVID-19 testing to its residents. To receive a free test, residents are asked to first complete an assessment found at The City is quick to point out that all personal/identifying information collected will be destroyed once the immediate threat to public health is eliminated. 

The testing is conducted in a drive-thru session. Drivers are asked to keep the windows on their vehicle up until instructed to lower them by the clinicians who will conduct the test. Barring something unexpected, residents will have their results in approximately 72 hours.

The City of Fishers recognizes, however, that not everyone with ties to Fishers lives within city limits. Businesses with operations and employees working in Fishers can arrange for those employees to be tested as well. The cost is $115 per person and results, again, should be available in about 72 hours. Business and organization leaders who want to explore more details about how to test their teams should visit and click on the green button titled, “APPLY FOR TESTING.”

For $98 residents and those working inside city limits can also secure an antibody test. If COVID-19 antibodies are found in the body, then that person has been exposed to the coronavirus previously. It is common that the human body’s antibodies will prevent future contraction of the disease. However, The City of Fishers warns that scientists do not have evidence that antibodies created from this particular coronavirus will prevent people from contracting the disease again. Anecdotally, there are people around the globe who are reporting contracting the disease a second time.

If you have tested positive for COVID-19, expect that the City of Fishers will be asking you some questions about where you have been and with whom you have been in contact for the previous few days. Stringent contact tracing is an important tool in stopping the spread of the disease. Members of Office Evolution Fishers are being asked to keep a log of all of their visitors who have visited the office. In case a member or visitor tests positive members will be notified and, in turn, those members can notify their visitors if the timelines of visitation overlap.