Free Mental Health Assessment in Fishers

Few of us have not experienced some sort of anxiety during the COVID-19 pandemic. Weeks into the event there are now nearly 4,400 people in the Indy metro market who have confirmed cases of the virus. In Hamilton County over twenty people have passed away from complications with the disease. The facts alone can cause anxiety. Factor in the massive amount of unknowns (when can we leave our home, when will this all end, will my relatives be OK, can I survive this financially?) and the cocktail for mental stress is clearly present and can be heavy.

The City of Fishers recognizes this opportunity for stress and as part of the City’s Mental health Initiative is promoting a third-party program that provides a first-step outlet to learning and understanding more about mental health challenges such as anxiety in times like these.

Fishers Cares is a program that will connect people with a counselor who provides an initial sounding board for someone’s anxiety. Additionally, the counselors can then direct users to what the best next step could be and where to turn to for more detailed counseling. Fishers Cares is a volunteer program made of leaders from various community organizations such as churches of the local YMCA.

The program is completely confidential is administered outside of City government.

Whether you’ve clicked-through and scheduled an appointment already or do not feel comfortable sharing your concerns right now, it’s likely still best to keep some tips in mind. Keep talking to your friends and family. Be honest, vulnerable and connect more and more deeply where possible.  Remind yourself to exhibit more patience as we’re all experiencing a troubling time together.

Stay safe, patient and healthy, Fishers. Good luck!