The Numbers on COVID-19

Have you heard enough yet on the coronavirus? It’s a bit overwhelming isn’t it? Well, here comes some more, but it might be helpful your desire is to stay up-to-date on the latest numbers of cases and where hotspots are located.

NBC News is keeping a running tally of the number of cases in the US and in which states they are located. The page is updated at least once a day. You can find it here.

Additionally, the WHO has been posting an update near daily for around two months detailing where confirmed cases are lcoated globally. Fair warning: much of the reports you will find here are heavy in the jargon of public health. However, buried within the reports are country-by-country listings of the number of infections and how they originated. For example, as of March 19 Mongolia had experienced five confirmed cases while China, which shares a border with Mongolia that stretches almost 3,000 miles, has had over 80,000 cases. When we get back to having cocktail parties, there’s your interesting tidbit to share when the conversation finds itself at a lull.

We recognize this isn’t the most important information about COVID-19. There are seemingly endless options to learn more about washing your hands and “flattening the curve.” However, since many of us are stuck in isolation, we probably have a little extra time on our hands and some may find these reports interesting.

Keep washing those hands, keep a solid separation between you and those around you, and keep heart. We’ll get through this yet!